The Chinese Society of Education (CSE) (中华教育学会) was founded by a group of academics and practitioners in the shared field of Chinese education, supported by ten partners as its founding institutions and over a hundred founding members mainly from North America and East Asia. The newly established Society is a global community of research and practice focusing uniquely on and promoting Chinese and related studies and practices of education in the greater China region and beyond.

The CSE envisions a borderless, transdisciplinary platform for researchers and practitioners in the field of education with cultural origin from China and those who have passion about educational studies and/or practices of China. The CSE aims to promote the understanding, exchange and collaboration between China and the rest of the world by building and empowering together the global community of Chinese and related studies and practices of education.

We are proud that the CSE is the first of its kind fostering the global trinity of scholarship, practice, and partnership of Chinese education beyond geo-political boundaries. The CSE warmly welcomes leaders and administrators, researchers, educators, as well as other practitioners in the field of Chinese education, including post-doctoral scholars and graduate students, who share the same interest and vision with us.

The CSE is registered officially as a non-for-profit organization and housed at Western University. To join us, please sign up or renew your CSE membership and registration.