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Please note that Classrooms 2029, 2009 (A&B). 2011, 2027, 2032, 2032A, 2034 and Corridor TA 204. will be closed and inaccessible on July 23, 2018 from 8:00 am - 5 pm.

Despite efforts to eliminate the use of scented products within the Faculty of Education, the Office of the Dean continues to receive numerous complaints from individuals who are being negatively affected by scented products. We strongly encourage faculty, staff, and students to switch to scent-free products in an effort to ensure that our impacted members have the opportunity to thrive in a scent-free environment.

As many of you are aware, consultations concerning the faculty’s five-year Strategic Vision have taken place since late Fall 2017 and we at IMPACT have been working with the Dean's Office on a draft document that we will use as a distributable pamphlet. Part of the Strategic Vision will also include a tagline that succinctly describes the Faculty of Education's strategic direction. The deadline for feedback is July 30. We will be entering the names of those who have submitted ideas into a draw an we will be selecting one lucky winner who will receive a gift certificate to the Black Trumpet. Draw date will be finalized in August.

Students with special needs increasingly asked to stay home from school:report. Dr Jacqueline Specht said the survey findings echo recent research exploring high levels of disabled exclusion from both the academic and extra- curricular aspects of the education system.

In a move aimed at cutting down on plastic waste produced by on-campus food vendors, Western university plans to start using paper straws exclusively at its residence and in-house food service vendors starting in September.