Interactive Event Listing

Recruitment event

Western Education’s recruitment team offers and attends specific events that will guide you through the decision-making and admissions process. The best way to get a sense of the community and culture in our classrooms and at our faculty is to meet our team and students in person at one of these events.

Online and Onsite Information Sessions

Find out what distinguishes Western's Faculty of Education from other universities and why we’re a leader in the education market. You’ll learn more about our admissions criteria, program structure and curriculum and our impressive track record of educational leadership success. Additionally, for the online programs, prospective students will become familiar with online lessons and see firsthand how to effectively manage degree requirements while working and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Professional and Graduate School Fairs

We attend Graduate fairs here at Western, and at universities across the country. These events are a great opportunity to meet our admissions team and compare the different Canadian Education programs side by side.

Industry Events and Conferences

Western Education attends and exhibits at industry events and conferences around the world. Visit our booth during your next professional conference to learn more about our industry-specific programs and flexible study options.

Alumni and Recruitment Receptions

These receptions aim to bridge the gap between prospective students and our Alumni, and we encourage anyone interested in our programs to attend one of these receptions to speak directly with current and past Western Education students.

Experience Western University and the Faculty of Education

Request a personalized campus visit and a member of our recruitment team will gladly tailor your introduction to Western University. These visits can include:

  • One-on-one conversations with a faculty member who shares your research interests to discuss potential collaborative research projects
  • Meeting with a member of the admission team to go over your application
  • The opportunity to attend a class and experience the Western atmosphere first hand
  • Lunch with current students to discuss their experience and the strengths of our program
  • A personalized campus tour where you will see first hand why Western’s campus is listed as one of the most beautiful in all of Canada

Note: Financial support for travel or accommodations may be available. Contact our Recruitment Officer for more information.

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