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Step 2

Get your documents

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure all aspects of the application have been submitted.  Ensure you follow up with your referees to ensure that their reference letters are submitted on time.  Your application will not be considered complete if any of your supplemental documents are missing from your application.  Please be sure to check the email address that you provided in your application regularly, as the University may contact you via email if more information is required.

All supporting documents should be included in your application digitally.  The application system will allow you to include additional supporting documents (if you require more space).  Supplemental documents include:

  • Unofficial Transcripts
  • Statement of Intent
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Writing sample
  • Reference Information
  • Work verification letters (only required for applications to the Master of Arts in Education Studies in the field of Counselling Psychology program.)
  • English Proficiency Scores (if applicable)
  • Copy of Marriage certificate to provide proof of name change (if applicable)
  • If born outside of Canada, provide proof of Canadian Citizenship, Landed Immigrant Status, or Permanent Residency
  • Any other information that you feel the Admission Committee should have when considering your application (submit electronically)

Please note that the GRE is not required when applying to any of the programs at the Faculty of Education.

More information about each of the supplemental documents can be found below.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance by emailing or calling 519-661-2111 ext. 82745.

Unofficial Transcripts

At the time of application, Western accepts digital academic records. There is no need to submit paper copies of your transcripts. The following transcripts must be provided:

  • All College/University courses and programs that are completed or in progress;
  • Courses taken on a letter of permission, exchange, or courses for which you have received transfer credit, even if they appear on your home institution’s transcript;
  • CEGEP;
  • Past and current students of Western University need to provide an academic record for Western (web academic report).

If you are admitted to one of our programs, you will be required to provide one official academic transcript from each postsecondary institution you attended. More information will be provided if you are offered admission.  There is no need to provide an official transcript from Western.

Please note: Western considers a transcript official only if it is received in a university envelope that is sealed and signed on the flap by the official person in the office issuing the transcript. If the transcript and degree certificate are not in English, a certified translation must also be included. (Non-English transcripts from institutions within Canada do not require a translation).  Western does not accept translations from World Education Services (WES).

Statement of Intent

The Statement of Intent is how the Admissions Committee will get to know you. Anything you would like the Admissions Committee to know about you should be included in this document. For PhD applicants, include your research interest and your research background. For EdD students, include the area of practice you are interested in exploring and your professional background.  Please review the details below for each program.

  • Most programs: state specific program area and why you are interested in the program, your research interest, and your scholastic and career goals. Maximum length, 500 words.
  • MA and PhD in the field of School and Applied Child Psychology: for your Statement of Intent, please be sure to indicate 1) why your academic/work experience and research interests make you an excellent candidate for this program, 2) how this program aligns with your future goals, 3) how does Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) need to inform the work of School Psychologists? (3 pages maximum). 
  • EdD applicantsadditional information (PDF)

Important note: When submitting an application to the MA and PhD in Education Studies program, applicants must indicate their preferred Thesis Supervisor in their Statement of Intent. Applicants are advised to review the Faculty Research page and contact faculty in their area of interest to confirm that this potential exists. 

Resume/Curriculum Vitae

Please provide an up-to-date version of your Resume or Curriculum Vitae.

EdD applicants should clearly indicate:

  • A minimum of 5 years of full-time work experience
  • Formal or informal leadership experiences in educational settings

Writing Sample

The writing sample is only required for applicants to the MA, PhD, and EdD programs. It must demonstrate your potential and current ability to write at the graduate level. It must prove that you can coherently present a thesis, develop an idea, and present ideas on paper. Regardless of topic, the paper must include citations and a reference list.

MPEd - all programs: No writing sample is required. 

MA in the field of Counselling Psychology: No writing sample is required.

MA in the field of School and Applied Child Psychology: No writing sample is required.

MA and PhD applicants: The writing sample should be approximately 15 to 20 pages of content.

PhD in the field of School and Applied Child Psychology: No writing sample is required.

EdD applicants: The writing sample must be between 15 to 20 pages, double spaced and using APA format. You must be the sole author of any work you submit. Please read this FAQ carefully (PDF) for more details about the EdD writing sample. You are responsible for ensuring that all writing sample guidelines have been met before submitting your application to the EdD program.

Reference Information

References are a very important part of your application, since references address your potential for success in the program from the perspectives of those who know you well, in different contexts.

MA Applicants: Two academic references

MPEd Applicants: Three academic references, professional references will be accepted.

PhD Applicants: Three academic references

EdD Applicants: Three references are required:

  • An immediate supervisor;
  • A person who is familiar with your academic work; and
  • Someone who is familiar with your professional experience and history.

Every effort should be made to obtain an academic reference since academic referees speak to your potential for academic success in the program(s).  However, you may submit another professional reference if you are unable to secure an academic reference.

Please note: It is the applicant's responsibility to follow up with their referees to ensure that their reference letters are submitted on time. Your application will not be considered complete if references have not completed the required documentation.

Work Verification Letters

These supplemental documents are only applicable for those who are applying to the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology program. Work Verification Letters must come from where you are working or volunteering and attest to the number of years of counselling-related experience, including a brief description of your counselling-related responsibilities. Please contact if you have further questions.

English Proficiency Scores

Students whose first language is not English must arrange to have official Score Reports sent to Western University directly from the Testing Centre. Western’s Institution Code is 0984 and the Department Code for Education is 085.  We can not accept faxed copies or photocopies of score reports. More information on English Proficiency test scores is located on the Admission Requirements page.

English Language Exemptions will be automatically considered in the following scenarios, and a formal exemption request is not necessary:

  1. The student has studied academic courses, full time, for at least two years, in an English-speaking University that is in a country in which the official first language is English.
  2. Or, the student has studied academic courses, full time, for at least three years, in an English-speaking College that is in a country in which the official first language is English.
  3. Or, countries that do NOT require English Proficiency scores (PDF)

Please note, exemptions beyond these criteria are extremely rare and must be requested in writing.  Exemption requests must be uploaded to your application as a PDF document which includes a brief explanation as to why you are requesting an exemption from providing English Proficiency scores.  You will also need to include all corresponding documents (i.e. letter from your institution, transcripts).

Advanced Academic Standing

  • Students wishing for advanced standing for accredited courses taken at the graduate level prior to registering in a Graduate Education program at Western must apply at the time of application.
  • Advanced standing cannot be granted on courses taken to complete degrees or diplomas.
  • Advanced credit may be recommended for courses that are clearly relevant to the current program.
  • Normally, advanced standing will be given for no more than two half courses (one full course).
  • At the time of application, please submit a written request for Advanced Standing, including course outlines.
  • Please connect with if you have further questions.

Note: Advanced standing is not available for the EdD program.


  • Applicants from the previous year re-applying for the current year will be required to re-apply for admission via the online application and pay the application fee.
  • Students who have voluntarily withdrawn or who have been withdrawn and wish to complete their program must formally re-apply for admission via the online application.  Credit for previous work completed must be approved by the program and requested at the time of application.

Step 3

Submit your application online

To be considered for admission to our programs, a completed application must be submitted.  Please Note: The GRE is not a requirement to apply to our programs, but if you have scores you would like to submit, we will accept them.

There are two main program areas for Education in the application, be sure to select the correct academic program:

  1. Research Intensive programs can be found in the "Education" program area.
  2. Professional programs can be found in the "Professional Education" area.

Step 4

You’re done. What’s next?


Once Western receives your completed application and payment, an automated email will be sent to you confirming receipt of the completed application. The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will complete a preliminary assessment of your application to calculate an admission average, establish an academic degree basis for your potential admission and determine any additional documentation required by Western should you receive an offer of admission. After your application passes through the preliminary assessment phase, you will receive an email confirming your application is now in the hands of the program to which you are applying.

Admission Decisions

You will receive an email notifying you of the Admissions Committee's decision. If you have been offered admission, you can accept or decline your offer of admission online through the Western Student Center.

  • Login to the Student Center with the information provided with your Western Personal Computer Account and locate the Admissions grid.
  • Select ‘Accept or Decline’ to begin the decision process.

Application Status

When Western receives your application, you will receive a confirmation email that will provide you with information regarding your application profile at Western. Use this information to access your Western Personal Computer Account. Once you’ve activated it, you can log into the Student Center, Western’s portal for student information.

As an applicant, the Western Student Center allows you to:

  • Update personal information (including contact information)
  • Check your application status
  • Explore the Western course catalogue
  • Accept an offer of admission

For an overview of activation and password requirements associated with your application, visit Identities and Access.

 Last updated: January 26, 2023