Applications for the Fall 2024 term have closed.

Applications for Fall 2025 will open mid-September and close on December 2nd, 2024.
(More information will become available during Spring 2024)

Step 2

Submit your TEAS application

OUAC/TEAS Application in English

OUAC/TEAS Application in French

E10 – Primary/Junior
E11 – French as a Second Language Primary/Junior
E20 – Junior/Intermediate
E30 – Intermediate/Senior

Step 3

CASPer: Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics

Casper Assessment is a mandatory requirement for all applicants including guaranteed pathway applicants. You must select one of the provided Western University testing dates (CSP-20209 Canadian Teacher’s Education – After Degree (Consecutive Degree)

Applications without a Casper result will be considered incomplete. You must complete a new CASPer test each year.

Testing takes place directly through the Casper site. You will require your OUAC/TEAS Reference Number and government-issued ID to sign up for Casper. You will receive your OUAC/TEAS Reference Number after you submit your TEAS application.

Casper results are sent directly to the Faculty of Education at Western by the Casper agency.

Visit Acuity Insights -  Taking the Casper assessment - Take Casper ( to create an account, and for more information about test preparation and requirements.

Testing Dates

You will register for Altus Suite for CSP-20209 Canadian Teacher’s Education – After Degree (Consecutive Degree)


Testing dates for the 2023-2024 application cycle are:

  • Wednesday, October 18, 2023 – 8:00 p.m. EDT
  • Sunday, November 05, 2023 – 1:00 p.m. EST
  • Tuesday, December 5, 2023 – 8:00 PM EST 
    • (Registration must be completed by December 1, at 11:59 pm (ET). Any registration after the mentioned date will not be accepted.)

Step 4

Submit Your Documents

Use the list below to discover what you may need.


You must submit transcripts by December 1 or within five business days of application, whichever is later.  Transcripts are required for all postsecondary institutions attended, including letter of permission and exchange coursework.

After you apply you will receive an email with your Western Student Number and step-by-step instructions on how to access your Western Student Center. Your Student Center will provide you with your personalized To Do List, which indicates the status of any academic documentation required to evaluate your application.

  • If you attended an Ontario university, you must order transcripts using a TEAS online transcript request, selecting the “Immediate” option for delivery.
  • If you attended university outside of Ontario, but within North America, obtain an official copy of your transcript and upload this following the instructions on your personalized To Do List in your Western Student Center for initial assessment.  Please wait for your email and follow all instructions within your Western Student Center.  Official documents would be required prior to entering the program.
  • If you attended an international university, you must submit transcripts to World Education Services (WES) at  Be sure to select “Western University – Undergraduate Admissions” as the recipient and the “WES – Course-by-Course” evaluation to be sent by electronic delivery.  Please note – the WES evaluation process can be lengthy, and it is your responsibility to ensure the documentation arrives on time.  It is recommended that you submit required documentation to WES as soon as possible.
  • If you attended Western University you do not need to order or send Western transcripts; however, Western students must order submit for institutions attended prior to attending Western, while on an exchange program during enrollment at Western or after completion of a Western degree.

Related Courses

If you’ve taken courses that aren’t obviously related to teaching subjects or general background areas, you must submit course descriptions by the application deadline for these courses to be considered.

Course descriptions must be copied directly from the granting institution's academic calendar. Western reserves the right to accept or deny the appropriateness of any course submitted for consideration.

Please refer to the Related Subject Chart (PDF) for further details on related courses. Course descriptions (if applicable) must be submitted through your OUAC/TEAS Application using the SAM Messaging tool.

English Language Proficiency Tests

If applicable, English language proficiency tests must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar before an offer of admission can be made.

The following are Senate requirements for the Faculty of Education.

For admission to the Bachelor of Education, you must:

(a.) speak English as a first language;


(b.) provide documentation confirming at least three years of full-time study (or equivalent in part-time studies) in an accredited university or college where the language of instruction and of examinations was English and which was located in a country where the first language is English. (The equivalent amount of time at an accredited college where the language of instruction and of examination was English and which was located in a country where the first language is English will be accepted upon approval of the Dean.)

*A two-year Master’s degree is not sufficient to be considered for the English proficiency waiver.


(c.) provide an official statement of results on one of the tests of English language proficiency listed below; the statement is required before an offer of admission can be made, and must indicate at least the following levels of proficiency:

  1. Preferred: IELTS - Academic (International English Language Testing System) with a minimum score of 7 including at least 6.5 in listening and reading and at least 7 in writing and speaking; OR
  2. Test of Oral Proficiency (TOP) showing a minimum score of 7 and Test of Written English (TOW) with a minimum score of 3; OR
  3. TOEFL with a score of 580 paper based; 250 computer-based including a minimum score of 55 on the Test of Spoken English (TSE); and a total score of 103 internet-based including a speaking score of 28 and a writing score of 28; OR
  4. MELAB (Michigan English Language Assessment Battery) with a minimum score of 90 and at least 4 on the oral interview; 

Western's institution code is 0984. Please leave the department code blank. Applicants cannot be considered until their English language proficiency tests have been received.

If, after admission, you show an inadequate command of spoken or written English, you will be required to improve your proficiency to the Faculty's satisfaction. You may be asked to withdraw from the program if your inadequate command of English interferes with your ability to communicate effectively in a classroom or during practicum.

Equity Admission Application (Optional)

Western’s Faculty of Education is strongly committed to equity, diversity and inclusivity in all that we do. One of the ways that we do this is through recruiting and supporting applicants to our initial teacher education program who reflect the student population in Ontario schools.

Specifically, it is our goal to admit and support more Indigenous and Black teacher candidates, women teacher candidates, teacher candidates living with disability, and LGBTQ2S+ teacher candidates and other equity deserving or underrepresented groups. We recognize that this starts with recruitment of a diverse range of applicants into our initial teacher education programs and we enthusiastically encourage individuals from all equity deserving groups to apply.

We aim to support our commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and decolonization by using responsible collection and consideration of personal information and data that accurately reflect the unique characteristics of those applying to our initial teacher education program. The information that we invite you to share will help to inform us of the effectiveness of our recruitment efforts and, more importantly, will enable us to approach our admissions in a more holistic manner, taking into consideration the characteristics of each applicant as a whole person rather than limiting our admission decisions to reliance on standard academic criteria.

Completion of each part of this application is entirely voluntary.

Those who choose to apply for an equity admission will be considered both under the general admission and the equity admission processes. Information gathered in this document will be considered alongside other factors, including ensuring all program prerequisites are met, and applicants have achieved the minimum grade point average of 70%. Equity applicants will also be required to complete the CASPER assessment.

To be considered under the equity admission process, applicants need to provide a sufficiently detailed explanation of their experience and personal circumstances as they relate to systemic barriers in education and life and reasons they should be considered for admission to the teacher education program. Equity Applications will be reviewed by members of the Equity Committee who make recommendations to the Teacher Education office.

Those wishing consideration under the equity admissions process must submit the Equity Admission Application (PDF) by the application deadline to the Teacher Education Office by email to

Step 5

You're Done! What's Next?

Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll receive an email confirming receipt of your application from the Ontario Universities Application Centre.