Research Office

Research Office

The Faculty of Education Research Office works with faculty members, graduate students, and staff to provide assistance with a range of research activities; from finding research funding and developing research grant proposals to post-award administration. We support visiting scholars and researchers, mentor early career faculty members, offer workshops on topics that build research knowledge and skills, and administer internal conference travel and research awards for faculty and graduate students. 

Perry Klein

Associate Dean (Research)

Phone: 519-661- 2111 ext. 88872

As the Associate Dean, Perry is responsible for the operation and vision of the research office. His responsibilities include:
  • Leading the development of the Faculty of Education’s research strategy
  • Developing a supportive research culture
  • Supporting faculty members in identifying and pursuing research opportunities
  • Facilitating collaborative team development
  • Representing the faculty to Western’s wider research community

Jen Heidenheim

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 519-661- 2111 ext. 88068

Jen is the main contact and resource for faculty and students. In particular, she's also responsible for:
  • Tracking and reporting expenses
  • ROLA set-up
  • Purchasing
  • Travel and expense claims
  • Visiting speaker travel arrangements
  • Research event coordination

Elizabeth Russell-Minda

Research Officer

Phone: 519-661- 2111 ext. 88561

Elizabeth is your contact for questions or information about research funding. As the faculty's Research Officer she's responsible for:
  • Grant proposal reviewing and editing (for faculty and graduate students)
  • Finding funding opportunities
  • Providing grant writing resources including sample successful proposals