2020 Keynote Speaker


Jason Beech

Jason Beech

Jason Beech teaches Comparative Education and Sociology of Education in Universidad de San Andrés in Buenos Aires. He is a researcher of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina, and has taught in several universities in the Americas, Europe and Australia. He is interested in the globalisation of knowledge and policies related to education and in exploring the link between cosmopolitanism, citizenship and education.

Global policy spaces and educational reform: Mapping power in education

In this presentation I will analyze the construction of global educational discourses, and the ways in which these discourses influence education policies and practices in very different settings. First, I will argue that global policy spaces are constituted by networks of collaboration and competition between international organizations, private for profit corporations, charismatic consultants, philanthropies, among many other institutions. These networks contribute to the production and diffusion of certain ideas about how children should be educated that become common sense and influence the ways in which we think, talk and practice education. In the second part I will discuss how this global educational discourses influence educational practices, from the definition of education policies to the ways in which teachers work in classrooms.