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EGSA alumni chats

March 17, 2021
Earning an advanced degree is challenging but finding employment after graduation can be equally uncertain and difficult for graduate students.


Standardized screening, school and community integration help keep kids in school

March 11, 2021
Family functioning, bullying, substance use and ADHD diagnoses are key factors leading to absenteeism.


Diversity in children’s literature

March 10, 2021
Teacher candidates learned the importance of having diversity in children’s literature from Instagram influencer, grade 6 student Ainara ...

Research Community People Events

STEM pilot program

February 23, 2021
Two Education professors are working to remove barriers that students with developmental disabilities face in STEM education.

Community Events

Music concert

February 12, 2021
Music can show that it’s fun to learn math. With that in mind, the Faculty of Education is hosting a math concert for students, parents and ...

Community Announcements

In-person classes delayed to February 21: COVID-19 update

January 11, 2021
Updates from President Alan Shepard

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