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Graduate students showcase their research’s impact

October 12, 2021

Congratulations to Western Education students whose research has been featured on the Inspiring Minds website.

Inspiring Minds seeks to broaden awareness and impact of graduate student research, while enhancing transferrable skills. Communicating research to broad, interdisciplinary and lay audiences – both inside and outside academia – is becoming an increasingly important skill for scholars of all levels.

Inspiring Minds seeks to help graduate students enhance this skill. This non-competitive showcase highlights work by Master's and doctoral students from all of Western's faculties and schools.

Graduate students had up to 150 words to describe their research, scholarship or creative activity in any language.

Here are the submissions from the Faculty of Education:

Michelle Anderson-Draper - A Participatory Approach to the Development Of An Evaluation Framework

Wes Armstrong - Better Together: Fostering Student-Level Intercultural Competence Through Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) and a Collaboratively Created Assessment Tool

Kristina Axenova -  Research that Values Caring for the Caregivers

Alexis K. Brudnicki - Combating sexual harassment in the baseball industry

Janis Campbell - Taking Student Mental Health to the Next Level with Peer Support and Stepped Care 2.0

Corinne D. Chappell - Indigenous Education

Jill Dombroski - How do Physicians talk about Death?

Lara M. Duke - Using Complexity Leadership Theory to Improve Holistic Sustainability

Megan Edgelow - Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Public Safety Organizations

Mohammed Estaiteyeh - Promoting Pre-Service Teachers’ Understanding and Implementation of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Practices

Tarek M. Faid - Examining the Scout Program Ability to Educate for Global Citizenship in Egypt

Lisa A. Floyd - The Integration of Coding in a Teacher Education Program: Course experiences and the teaching and learning of mathematics

Mohamed S. Hanif - Empower to Collaborate

Roya Karimli - Bribery in Higher Education Institutions: Roots and Ways out

Irina Klimenko - Student engagement in second language learning - oui, on est capable!

Merike Kolga - Initiating Leadership Development in a VUCA Environment

Shannon McKechnie - Student Employability in COVID-19

AMANY FARAG MOHAMED - Curriculum, Theory and Practice: Exploring Nurses and Nursing Students' Knowledge of Attitudes Towards and Self- Efficacy in Caring for The Elderly in Canada

Minou Morle - Reimagining Urban Schoolyards - Land-based Learning

Ruth Nielsen - Ontario high school principals' understandings of equity in virtual school spaces

Kristin J. O'Rourke - The Internationalization of a Sexual Violence Policy

Karen M. Roeck - Building Educator E-Pedagogy Efficacy and Increasing Student Engagement in the Virtual Learning  Environment

Polin M. Sankar-Persad - Portraits of Internationally Minded Educators

Hatice Beyza Sezer - Affordances of Coding in School Mathematics and Beyond

Shankar B. Singh - The Politics of Public Schooling in Nepal, and the Quest for Leadership for Social Justice: An Exploratory Study of Public School Leaders in Bardiya District

Tayebeh Sohrabi - Social Skills Development in Bilingual Children

Diego R. Sornoza Parrales - The Implementation Of The Research Quality Assurance Policy In The Ecuadorian Public Regional Universities: The Case Of The Manabi Province

Shuqing Zou - A Critical Analysis of the Emerging Discipline of Educational Improvement Science

Inspiring Minds is a campus-wide partnership between Western Research, the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, the Writing Support Centre, Western Communications, Western Libraries, Student Experience, and Western's 11 faculties.

To learn more, visit the Inspiring Minds website