Western Education celebrates academic excellence

June 17, 2021

The Faculty of Education has announced the award recipients for the 2020-21 academic year.  

W.A. Townshend Gold Medal in Education  

The Gold Medal is in honour  of the Late Bishop Townshend of London, Ontario, and is awarded to the student who has achieved the highest academic standing in his/her program of study.  

Fall 2020 Convocation  

The Fall 2020 recipient of the W.A. Townshend Gold Medal is Annie Yang. Annie’s research was on “The Sequelae of Psychological Symptoms Exhibited by Children Exposed to Trauma: A Developmental Perspective.” 

This study contributes to the growing body of literature that examines the varied effects complex trauma has on children/adolescents and lends preliminary support for DTD. Understanding symptom presentations of children who experience trauma at different stages of development will inform the establishment of developmentally appropriate interventions for children and adolescents accessing mental health services across Canada. 

Spring 2021 Convocation  

The Spring 2021 recipient of the W.A. Townshend Gold Medal is Jasmyn Skinner. Jasmyn’s research was on “Individual differences in lifestyle factors and the effects of an acute exercise intervention on executive functioning in children and youth with ADHD.” 

Acute exercise interventions can improve executive functioning among children and youth with ADHD, however not all individuals experience the same benefit. This study focused on three lifestyle factors (medication use, physical fitness, and physical activity behaviours) and their impact on the relationship between exercise and executive functioning. Participants completed a battery of executive functioning measures, followed by a 10-minute bout of moderate-intensity stationary biking (experimental condition), or silent reading (control condition). Overall, regardless of medication status, physical fitness level, or physical activity behaviours, an acute bout of exercise had similar effects on executive functioning outcomes. However, the pattern of data suggests that physical fitness level may influence the relationship between exercise and executive functioning. Further research with a larger sample size is needed to unravel this issue.

Other Spring 2021 awards recipients  

Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children  

  • Elisabeth Steel Reurink Memorial Award
    • Helene Bigras Dutrisac
  • Scotiabank Graduate Award for Studies in Violence Against Women and Children
    • Lina Saadeddin
    • Alexis Winfield

Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education Awards  

  • Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education Award
    • Candace Brunette-Debassige
    • Evan Charles
  • Jessica Jean Campbell Coulson Award
    • Zita Tsz-Wing Lau 

Graduate awards  

  • Art Geddis “Learning About Teaching” Memorial Award
    • Mohammed Estaiteyeh  
  • Allen Pearson Graduate Award in Educational Leadership
    • Nyasha Nyereyemhuka 
  • Joan Pedersen Memorial Graduate Award
    • Martin Wolak  
  • John Dearness Memorial Graduate Award
    • Olivia Ward  
  • Walter M. Lobb Ontario Graduate Scholarship
    • Hannah Bigelow
    • Armush Salahadin 

Teacher education

  • Alberta O’Neil Award in Physical Education
    • Julie-Anne Staehli
  • Beatrice Helmkay Scholarship
    • Elizabeth Skilling 
  • Carlton Williams Gold Medal in Education
    • Neil Horning 
  • Dawson Woodburn Memorial Award
    • Sarah Hoy
    • Heather Limon
  • Dean’s Award in Education
    • Cheryl Fernandes
    • Abhishek Shetty
  • Don Galbraith Preservice Teacher Award of Excellence
    • Rajan Brar
  • Don Wright Faculty of Education Music Scholarship
    • Julianne Breen
    • Catherine Gray 
  • Dorothy Emery Memorial Award in Visual Arts Education
    • Ariel Fullerton
    • Eliza Gallaiford
  • Elizabeth T. Dorner Award
    • Olivia Brkljaca
  • C. Biehl Memorial Award for Excellence
    • Neil Horning
  • Faculty of Education Students’ Council Award
    • Sarah CoDyre
  • Faculty of Education Students’ Council Award for Practice Teaching Excellence
    • Jasmina Charbonneau
  • Faculty of Education Students’ Council Award for Student Leadership
    • Zain Alzeiq 
  • Harold Dene Webber Scholarship in Education
    • Melissa Prout 
  • Helen G. Mitchell Award
    • Madeleine Gauvin 
  • Bowden Memorial Award
    • Keelan McGoey
  • John Dearness Memorial Preservice Award
    • `Erin Hemming
  • Laura & Ed McLeish Scholarship
    • Katherine Koehler-Grassau
    • Jason Kroeker
  • Margaret Fallona Award for Excellence in French Second Language Education
    • Emma Barrett 
  • Matthew & Cornelia Koens Scholarship
    • Raina Ritchie 
  • Milton & Helen Walker Scholarship in Mathematics Education
    • Kate Chiasson 
  • Milton & Helen Walker Scholarship in Science Education
    • Mark Froncisz
  • Retired Teachers of Ontario District 8 Student Award for Excellence in Practice Teaching
    • Claire Hinatsu
    • Alexandra Meilutis       
  • Robert and Joline Brant Religious Education Award
    • Steven Takahashi       
  • Sylvia Cann Memorial Award
    • Angela Giannos
    • Emily Oshana
  • S. Turner Award
    • Kyla Johnson