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Graduate student completes PhD with national award

April 08, 2022

Mohammed Estaiteyeh is the recipient of the 2022 Thesis and Dissertation Award for Research in Teacher Education from the Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE).

To be recognized for the award, the graduate student’s thesis must connect and contribute to research literature in at least one of these topics: the challenges and possibilities of teacher education, the study of teacher education practice, and teacher education and societal issues.

“I am honoured to receive this award from a prominent association like CATE. On a personal level, it is a great way to conclude my doctoral studies journey and the associated hard work. On another note, it is rewarding that CATE has perceived significance in my thesis to both research and practice,” Estaiteyeh said.

Estaiteyeh’s thesis, ‘Walking the equity, diversity, and inclusion talk: Promoting STEM teacher candidates’ views, understandings, and implementation of differentiated instruction,’ explores how teacher candidates implemented differentiated instruction in a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curriculum and pedagogy course. Estaiteyeh said this research is important because academic programs are striving to integrate equitable and inclusive pedagogies in their curriculum and teaching practices.

In addition, Estaiteyeh’s thesis was recognized for advancing the knowledge of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). As a result, his research is relevant to teacher educators in Canadian universities, in-service and pre-service teachers, curriculum designers, school administrators, and policymakers.

“The study highlights how inclusive pedagogical strategies can and must be woven into teacher education programs. The findings reiterate the importance of professional development experiences aimed at enhancing teacher candidates’ preparation to practice EDI principles as they embark on their teaching careers,” Estaiteyeh said.

The award also promotes informed discussion of the issues facing teacher education in Canada, encourages greater awareness of the diversity of Canadian teacher education research, and advances CATE’s mandate of promoting dialogue on teacher education, research, and collaboration in the field.

“I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the mentorship of my supervisor, Dr. Isha DeCoito. Additionally, I am grateful for all the instrumental learning opportunities at Western University and the Faculty of Education specifically,” Estaiteyeh added.

Estaiteyeh recently completed his PhD program in Curriculum Studies when he successfully defended his dissertation. His doctoral research is also featured in an interview on the 'Off the Shelf' podcast.