2018-19 academic-year award recipients

June 11, 2019

The 2018-19 academic-year award recipients were announced at the Spring awards ceremony that was held at the Faculty of Education. Rosemarie Szalich, centre, presented the Retired Teachers of Ontario Award for Excellence in Practice Teaching to Lauren Sovereign (left) and Maria D’Oria (right).

The Faculty of Education has announced the award recipients for the 2018-19 academic year at the Spring awards ceremony held at the faculty.

W.A. Townshend Gold Medal in Education

The Gold Medal is in honour of the Late Bishop Townshend of London, Ontario, and is awarded to the student who has achieved the highest academic standing in his/her program of study.

Fall 2018 Convocation

The Fall 2018 recipient of the W.A. Townshend Gold Medal is Tsz-Wing Zita Lau. Zita’s research is titled, ‘Third- and Fourth-Graders’ Perspectives on Social Exclusion: A Group Concept Mapping Study.’

The focus of the present study was to examine 13 third- and fourth-graders’ thoughts on social exclusion of peers with learning difficulties. Participants were invited to share their ideas and sort the data into meaningful categories through a group concept mapping process. Four themes were identified in participants’ responses: (a) differences between children, (b) challenges experienced by children with learning difficulties, (c) others’ negative attitudes, and (d) traits leading to disapproval from others. The application of group concept mapping method allows educators and researchers to perceive from students’ perspectives, and serves to bring more attention to children’s voices in research. Findings may also contribute to designing student-focused interventions that could resonate with children and speak effectively to them. Dr. Elizabeth Nowicki is Zita’s Supervisor.

Spring 2019 Convocation

The Spring 2019 recipient of the W.A. Townshend Gold Medal is Samantha Wiendels. Samantha’s research is titled, ‘Adolescents with FASD: Education Based Strategies for Social Skills Development.’

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a permanent neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by physical, mental, and learning disabilities. Despite variability, individuals with FASD consistently struggle with acquiring appropriate social skills. Limited research has explored educational strategies that facilitate or hinder the development of social skills acquisition.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether secondary schools have or plan to implement social skills training programs, and whether or not they are effectively targeting areas of vulnerability. In addition, the study hoped to produce recommendations for forming a successful social skills program. Nine semi-structured interviews were conducted with caregivers and service providers to identify common themes. Five themes emerged that outline key components of a successful social skills program, which addresses current weaknesses and builds upon current knowledge: Becoming FASD informed, holistic consultation, engaging the zone of proximal development, incorporating dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) skills, and building a sense of belonging. These themes are discussed in relation to the social challenges faced by individuals with FASD, current gaps within educational programs, and future directions for constructing a formal social skills program. Dr. Jason Brown is Samantha’s Supervisor.

Other Spring 2019 awards and recipients

Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children

  • Elisabeth Steel Reurink Memorial Award
    • Jackie Salas
  • Scotiabank Graduate Award for Studies in Violence Against Women and Children
    • Corinne Qureshi and Kristina Giacobbe

Centre for School Mental Health, the Fourth R Awards

  • David Wolfe Scholarship on Research on Violence Prevention
    • Courtney Cadieux
  • Ray Hughes Scholarship on Innovative Practices in Violence Prevention
    • Helena Pirgionas

Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education Awards

  • Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education Award
    • Courtney Cadieux, Steven Floyd and McKenzie Vanderloon
  • Jessica Jean Campbell Coulson Award
    • McKenzie Vanderloon

Graduate awards

  • Alberta O’Neil Ontario Graduate Scholarship
    • Jenny Kassen
  • Art Geddis “Learning About Teaching” Memorial Award
    • Marja Bertrand
  • Allen Pearson Graduate Award in Educational Leadership
    • Sarah Hennessy
  • Joan Pedersen Memorial Graduate Award
    • Marja Bertrand
  • John Dearness Memorial Graduate Award
    • Bailey Frid
  • The Robert Macmillan Graduate Award in Educational Leadership
    • Joette Lefebvre
  • Walter M. Lobb Ontario Graduate Scholarship
    • Jasprit Pandori and Richelle Bird

Teacher education

  • Alberta O’Neil Award in Physical Education
    • Isaac Lance
  • Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
    • Lisa Floyd, Traci Scheepstra and Bill Tucker
  • Beatrice Helmkay Scholarship
    • Iman Hijazi
  • Dawson Woodburn Memorial Award
    • Amberly Charette and Erik Krebs
  • Carlton Williams Gold Medal in Education
    • Paige-Tiffany Beck
  • Dean’s Award in Education
    • Princess Marfil and Talveen Singh
  • Don Galbraith Preservice Teacher Award of Excellence
    • Rebecca Quirie
  • Don Wright Faculty of Education Music Scholarship
    • Brian Tan and Sara Sulyma
  • Dorothy Emery Memorial Award in Visual Arts Education
    • Dylan Di Girolamo and Adam Yhap
  • Faculty of Education Students’ Council Award
    • Miles Duke
  • Faculty of Education Students’ Council Award for Practice Teaching Excellence
    • Jennifer Doyle
  • Faculty of Education Students’ Council Award for Student Leadership
    • Princess Marfil
  • C. Biehl Memorial Award for Excellence in English Education
    • Paige-Tiffany Beck
  • Harold Dene Webber Scholarship in Education
    • Amy Canning
  • Helen G. Mitchell Award
    • Christina Green
  • Bowden Memorial Award
    • Chantal Lloyd
  • John Dearness Memorial Preservice Award
    • Tarik Omar
  • Laura & Ed McLeish Scholarship
    • Kristina Asha Banks and Thomas Beniac
  • Margaret Fallona Award for Excellence in French Second Language Education
    • Sarah Coulter
  • Matthew & Cornelia Koens Scholarship
    • Seth Privitera
  • Milton & Helen Walker Scholarship in Science Education
    • Andrew Fuchigami
  • Milton & Helen Walker Scholarship in Mathematics Education
    • Kristina Asha Banks
  • Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation Faculty of Education Award
    • Talveen Singh
  • Retired Teachers of Ontario District 8 Student Award for Excellence in Practice Teaching
    • Lauren Sovereign and Maria D’Oria
  • Robert and Joline Brant Religious Education Award
    • Franco Calamia
  • Sylvia Cann Memorial Award
    • Jason Prior and Christine Bere
  • The Elizabeth T. Dorner Award
    • Veronica Ferreira
  • S. Turner Award
    • Cassandra Forlani