2016-17 academic year award recipients

June 14, 2017

The Faculty of Education is pleased to announce the names of our award recipients for the 2016-17 academic year. We are very proud of each and every one of our awardees and congratulate them on their achievements!

W.A. Townshend Gold Medal in Education

The Gold Medal is in honour of the Late Bishop Townshend of London, Ontario, and is awarded to the student who has achieved the highest academic standing in his/her program of study.

Fall 2016 Convocation

We are pleased to share that our Fall 2016 recipient for the W.A. Townshend Gold Medal is Xing Meng. Xing’s thesis examined the importance of multiliteracies in early-years education. By showcasing a lived story of a grade one teacher who has implemented multiliteracies pedagogy in her classroom the study suggested that applying multiliteracies pedagogy not only motivated the grade one children to take ownership of their learning but also transforms the way the teacher makes sense of her teaching. Results emphasized that teacher education plays a critical role in preparing and supporting an early years educator to be successful. Xing strongly hopes that the study can provide a source of practical knowledge for teachers from which to draw and reflect. It is also Xing’s hope that this story can lead to improvements in teacher education and transformations in standardized assessments in early childhood education.  Xing was supervised by Dr. Mi Song Kim.

Spring 2017 convocation

We are pleased to share that our Spring 2017 recipient for the W.A. Townshend Gold Medal is Victoria Sabo. Victoria has a longstanding interest in social justice advocacy with a primary focus on informing rehabilitative practice and policy implementation. Her research has sought to assist marginalized youth and their families involved in the justice system by highlighting their experiences within the contexts of poverty, peers, and mental health. Findings emphasize the significance of economic status, service accessibility, and neighbourhood context, in contributing to mental health and social development in adolescence. Her research hopes to communicate an urgency for the support of school, mental health, and poverty reduction, initiatives for youth. Victoria’s thesis is titled, Social Relationship in Young Offenders: Relevance to Peers, Poverty, and Psychological Adjustment. Victoria was supervised by Dr. Alan Leschied.

Other spring 2017 awards and recipients


John Dearness Memorial Award

Mary Ott

Joan Pedersen Memorial Graduate Award

Hanaa Ghannoum

Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education Award

Melissa Coyne-Foresi

Ayman Massouti

Erica Partridge

Art Geddis “Learning About Teaching” Memorial Award

Emma Cooper

Jessica Jean Campbell Coulson Award

Erica Partridge

The Robert Macmillan Graduate Award in Educational Leadership

Danielle Carr

Alberta O’Neil Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Janell Klassen

Walter M. Lobb Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Richelle Bird


Alberta O’Neil Award in Physical Education

Megan Pickett

Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Catherine Zeisner

Wayne Martino

Bill Tucker

Alicia Lapointe

Beatrice Helmkay Scholarship

Emma Fryday

Dawson Woodburn Memorial Award

Johnson Wong

Melissa Kirby

Dean’s Prize in Education

Devon Bishundat

Angelica Martinez

Harold Dene Webber Scholarship in Education

Lisa Briona

Don Galbraith Preservice Teacher Award of Excellence

Lisa Briona

Don Wright Faculty of Education Music Scholarship

Jeff Webster

Beatrice Wright

Dorothy Emery Memorial Award in Visual Arts Education

Brian Yam

Brittany Hinton

The Elizabeth T. Dorner Award

Katherine Engelhardt

F.C. Biehl Memorial Award for Excellence in English Education

Kaelyn Crossland-Smith

Faculty of Education Students’ Council Award for Practice Teaching Excellence

Elliott Howe

D. Carlton Williams Gold Medal in Education

Kaelyn Crossland-Smith

J. Bowden Memorial Award

Amy Oliver

John Dearness Memorial Preservice Award

Christine Oliver

Laura & Ed McLeish Scholarship

Kaelyn Crossland-Smith

Margaret Fallona Award for Excellence in French Second Language Education

Isabelle Arthur

Matthew & Cornelia Koens Scholarship

Kayla Tripp

Milton & Helen Walker Scholarship in Science Education

David Gomes

Milton & Helen Walker Scholarship in Mathematics Education

Shawn McIntosh

Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association Award

Angelica Martinez

Faculty of Education Students’ Council Award

Beth-Ann Smith

Retired Teachers of Ontario District 8 Student Award for Excellence in Practice Teaching

Emma Fryday

Hadeel Zibage

Sylvia Cann Memorial Award

Danica Belfry

Stephanie Green

Faculty of Education Students’ Council Award for Student Leadership

Jayme Knowles

W.S. Turner Award

Jonathan Dearden

Laura & Ed McLeish Scholarship

Brendan Roy

Robert and Joline Brant Religious Education Award

Aleigha Charette

Breanne Cheeseman


David Wolfe Scholarship on Research on Violence Prevention

Laura Olszowy

Michael Saxton

Scotiabank Graduate Award for Studies in Violence Against Women and Children

Randal David

Amanda Kerry

Scotiabank Undergraduate Award for Studies in Violence Against Women and Children

Jordan Hennessey

Kyleen Wong

Elisabeth Steel Reurink Memorial Award

Chelsea Heron

Kayla Sapardanis


Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Jane Edwards

Laura Lockhart

Lisa Floyd