2014 AQ Instructor Awards

September 25, 2014

2014 AQ Instructor Award of Excellence Recipients Announced

Every year Western Education’s Teacher Education Office awards the Additional Qualifications Award of Excellence to an instructor that stands out and exemplifies the engagement and quality students seek.

This year we are proud to announce JoAnn MacGregor and Brian Finnigan as our winners for their outstanding instruction in the Fall/Winter 2013/2014 term. Both JoAnn, who teaches the Intermediate Division courses, and Brian, who teaches both the Intermediate Division and Religion courses, are accomplished instructors and have been nominated several times for the award in recent years.

The AQ Instructors' Award of Excellence was established in 2007. JoAnn and Brian are the 27th and 28th recipients.

Student comments and feedback weigh heavily in nominating instructors and selecting winners, excerpts of which are shown below.

Mr. Finnigan is an outstanding instructor. He did an amazing job of responding to posts, asking thought-provoking questions, and extending the conversations. I have taken many AQ courses through Western, and Mr. Finnigan stands out in my mind. I feel that his contributions and leadership helped me get the most out of this learning experience and have contributed significantly to my professional growth as a teacher.

– student comment

I do believe that Ms MacGregor has an exceptionally broad, deep, and current knowledge of the subject area she teaches. She enhanced the collaborative approach to learning and supported our professional growth. She shows to have extensive related experience in facilitating interactions and growth for all the members of the class based on their individual needs and views.

– student comment

Congratulations JoAnn and Brian! We can’t wait to see the kinds of online teaching innovations you come up with next.

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