Three Faculties Share Research Day

March 12, 2012

Find out about a selection of research projects presented by the Faculty of Education on Research Day, which will take place in the Great Hall from 3:00-5:30pm on Monday, March 19.

Assistant Professor Kathy Hibbert is leading a team of interdisciplinary scholars (L. Lingard, E.A. Kinsella, P. McKenzie, A. Pitman, M. Vanstone, and T. Wilson) to conduct research on effective interdisciplinary graduate supervision. Their abstract poster, "The Quest for Effective Interdisciplinary Graduate Supervision: A Critical Narrative Analysis, describes what they learned about how supervisory relationships unfold, how disciplinary borders are negotiated, and what systems of support facilitate or constrain interdisciplinary graduate supervision. With this research, Hibbert’s team aims to enrich faculty expertise in graduate supervision to better support the next generation of interdisciplinary scholars and leaders.

Although tattoos are becoming more widely recognized as a method of personal self-expression, Catharine Dishke Hondzel, Adrienne Sauder, and Wendy Crocker discovered that novice teachers with tattoos expected to encounter negative reactions from administration, colleagues, and parents, and that this stigmatization would affect the role that tattoos played in novice teachers’ lives.With their poster, "Indelible Ink: Narratives of Self-perception and Group Identity in Teacher Candidates with Tattoos,” the research team hopes to open up discussion about the stigmatization of tattoos, and create a more nuanced understanding of teachers with tattoos among teachers, parents, and students.

Fourth-year PhD Candidate Bill Irwin explores the issues and conflicts arising from the Ontario provincial government’s policy on school closures (2006). Irwin’s poster, “Public school closures in Ontario: A case of conflicting values?” reveals a deep and divisive institutional-community dichotomy where the social purposes of the local school as defined by the community are in constant tension with the school board’s economic and fiscal policy purposes.

First-year Masters student Jamie Warren will present a research poster, entitled“First Nations Youths’ Experience with Wellness: A Four Directions Approach.” From a holistic, ethnographic approach, this research seeks to identify what youth see as their vision for well being, what contributes to that vision, and how they can achieve that vision.

A Selection of Other Research Presentations

From the Faculty of Information and Media Studies

  • "Wikipedia as an Academic Publishing Venue? Perspectives from Academia" by L. Xiao and N. Askin
  • "Social Media and the Effects of Selective Exposure and Response in Online News Comments: Preliminary Findings in A Case Study of the CBC" by Kane X. Faucher
  • “That happy song is Canadian, eh?” Using affect-based labels in whole collection retrieval" by Nadine Desrochers, Diane Rasmussen Neal, Erica Lenton, Pam Saliba, Kayley Viteo, Robert Foster
  • "Observing Graduate Students’ Use of Library Space" by Marni Harrington and Amanda Humphreys
  • "Because I am not here: Second Life Based Artists, Four Selected Case Studies" by Francisco Gerardo Toledo Ramirez and Carole Farber

From the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

  • “VL3: Virtual Laboratory for Language Learning” by Javier de la Rosa, Antonio Jimenez-Mavillard, Camelia Nunez, Roberto Ulloa
  • “Let conscience be their guide? Conscientious refusals in reproductive health care” (CIHR funded research project) Carolyn MacLeod and Chloe Fitzgerald (Rotman Institute)
  • “Barroco Nova: Neo-Baroque Moves in Contemporary Art” by Patrick Mahon
  • “New French Extremity: Political & Aesthetic Shifts in Contemporary French Cinema” by Tim Nicodemo
  • “Female Networks in Military Communities in the Roman West” by Beth Greene

From the Faculty of Education

  • "Adolescencts' Perceptions of Cyberbullying" by Jeremy Doucette and Jessy Pandori
  • "Media & Public Perceptions of Religious Accommodation in Public Schools" by Aruba Mahmud
  • "Experiencing Surprises Through Students' Digital Mathematical Performances" by Ricardo Scucglia and George Gadanidis
  • "Teaching Transgender to PreServie Students" by Jenny Ingry
  • "Dismantling the "model minority" stereotype: A case for anti-racist and intersectional perspectives" by Vi Vo