Pizza Lunch for Teacher Candidates

May 11, 2012

Students eating pizza outside the Faculty of Education building

On May 11, a farewell pizza lunch event was held outside the Western Education building for nearly 100 of Teacher Candidates.

The event celebrated the Teacher Candidates’ completion of their “Transition to Practice” (T2P) practica, the final component required to graduate with their Bachelor of Education.

Over the summer, many of the graduating Teacher Candidates have elected to continue to volunteer in their practicum schools until the end of June. Others are preparing for international teaching jobs or are getting ready for grad school.

Director of Practicum Matt Bazely observed that the 2011-2012 cohort was particularly strong. “The reports from the Practica as well as from T2P indicate that the Teacher Candidates did a fantastic job this year.” Echoing these sentiments, Faculty member Paul Tarc observed that in his course, “International Education: Opportunities and Challenges,” he was “struck by the thoughtfulness and engagement of this year’s students—their desire to know beyond instrumental requirements of any particular course assignment or task.”

The faculty and staff members of the Faculty of Education wish all of the graduating Teacher Candidates the best in achieving their future educational and career goals. See you at convocation!

All graduates can stay in touch with Western Education through social media (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn), as well as through their “email for life” alumni email address. Stay in touch!

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