Staff Award nominees

April 30, 2012

Two of our Faculty of Education staff were nominated by colleagues for the 2012 Western Award of Excellence.

Katherine Butson

Katherine has exercised major responsibilities in the preparation and production of an extensive list of Althouse Press publications—a list now in excess of 70 volumes. She coordinates the work of editors and proof readers. In addition to familiarizing herself with every aspect of the publishing process in education, Katherine also strives to innovate when it comes to preparing page proofs, using emergent technology, and publicizing Althouse Press books. Katherine travels to the annual Learned Societies meetings to negotiate in person with prospective and current authors.

During all stages of the publication process, Katherine works effectively with associates of the Press. She organizes monthly Publications Committee meetings to review new manuscripts and give updates on the status of works being published. Katherine is often the frontline contact for educational scholars in many parts of Canada. Scholars such as Kieran Egan and Robin Barrow have spoken highly of Katherine’s ability to provide leadership in the negotiations between presentation of a manuscript and the final published effort. Katherine has also many trained research assistants and work study students in the operations of the Press. These students gain valuable skills that will improve their own academic writing and augment their employability.

Katherine Butson was nominated for a Western teaching Awards of Excellence because she is a vital part of the Althouse Press within the Faculty. As someone who is always willing to reach for the highest standards of publication, Katherine is what Shelley Taylor describes as “a shining example of an employee who fosters the core values of integrity, respect, and commitment to service.”

Anna Zuber

Anna greets and organizes the schedules of close to 700 teacher candidates every year, and she deals on a regular basis with students’ mental health, safety concerns, and other personal challenges. Anna also supports the program’s faculty members while maintaining a positive work environment. Lecturer Keith Hole explains that “Anna has an amazing way of making you feel that a solution to your problem is the most important thing that she has to do in her day.” Jacqui Specht agrees: “I have never once asked for something that she has not been able to do. She never gives the opinion that she is too busy or that it is not her job. I think when a manager has that attitude, it creates a great atmosphere in the office and for the students.”

In the past year, Anna’s contributions to the Faculty have extended to supporting the recent merger of Continuing Education and Preservice. Because Anna felt it was important to address staff concerns, she involved the entire team in staff meetings and in workload decision-making. On Anna's effors during the merger, Dr. Margaret McNay reflects that “Everything for which she was responsible got done efficiently, accurately, on time, and well, and she managed all those unexpected and last-minute tasks as smoothly as anyone could have done and with greater equanimity than most others could have done.” Anna’s ensured that the merger was a success, while the teacher candidates’ needs were never overlooked.

Anna is well known for not only for her efficiency and professionalism but also for her personability, patience, and compassion. Matt Bazely, who works alongside Anna in the Preservice program, states, “On several occasions I have witnessed faculty members walk into her office in great distress due to room changes, difficult students, or a logistical challenge. I see these same people walk out of the room calm, reassured, and confident that the problem is now going to be solved.” This year, Anna was nominated for a Western Award of Excellence to recognize what Bazely describes as “an amazing Western employee who makes all of our lives better at the Faculty of Education.”

Anna Zuber and Katherine Butson were nominated by colleagues for the 2012 Western Award of Excellence.

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