Social Justice Conference "exciting, inspirational and practical."

January 29, 2010

"Teaching for Equity and Social Justice, Locally and Globally" was the theme for a very successful conference held at the faculty on January 29. The event, sponsored by OSSTF and UNICEF in collaboration with the Faculty of Education, was organized by Marianne Larsen and Rebecca Coulter. "Teacher candidates described their day as exciting, inspirational and practical. Over and over again, I heard students say how much they had learned," said Rebecca Coulter.

Michelle Dagnino, Director of Youth Venture Canada, was the key-note speaker on Friday morning. Her presentation was warmly received by students who filled the auditorium. "I was so inspired by the keynote speaker this morning. She made me think about what teaching is really all about: empowering students to make change in the world," said one teacher candidate. Dagnino ended her presentation with a powerful YOUTUBE video.

A group of "really knowledgeable and well prepared" presenters led a series of workshops throughout the day. "It is great to learn about these important equity and social justice issues from people who are really knowledgeable and committed," said one student.

"The day was a great success," said Marianne Larsen, "The conference gave students opportunities to think about the importance of integrating social justice and equity into their teaching, across the curriculum."