World Teachers' Day

October 05, 2009

“Teachers are the cornerstone of education for sustainable development.”

-UNESCO Director-General, Bonn World Conference, 2009

October 5 marks World Teachers’ Day. Started by UNESCO in 1994, the day has been celebrated ever since, this year in over 172 countries. UNESCO established the day to “show appreciation, awareness and understanding of the crucial contributions teachers make to development and education.”

Educational International, the global voice of education workers, believes in the importance of recognizing teachers across the Globe.

“5 October is a day to celebrate teachers and the central role they play in guiding children, youth and adults through the life-long learning process. This year, World Teachers’ Day will focus on the role of teachers within the context of the global financial and economic crisis and the need to invest in teachers now as a means to secure post-crisis regeneration.

“It is critical, during these difficult times, to seek mechanisms that protect the teaching profession. It is also crucial, despite the crisis, to ensure that investment in teachers is sufficient and proportionate to the demands made upon them. It is the teaching force with its knowledge, experience and foresight which can bring new insights to global solutions.”

We established the Teachers’ Wall of Fame here at the Faculty of Education to coincide with World Teachers’ Day. On Thursday, October 8, 2009 we will honour our newest inductees.