Carol-Ann Lane, PhD

Curriculum Studies and Studies in Applied Linguistics


Carol-Ann Lane, PhD

Curriculum Studies and Studies in Applied Linguistics


My doctoral research is focused in the area of Curriculum Studies. My research explores boys' meaning making and cultural knowledge gained through their video gaming practices. My interests grow from my own experiences and dedication as a qualified Ontario teacher working for the Dufferin Catholic Peel District School board in the primary-grade 3 division (Mar 2018), junior division (since 2014) and intermediate/senior (since 2012), a teaching associate for the bachelor of education and graduate level courses (including online) and both as an owner and instructor of a tutoring company for more than six years.

I am deeply committed to examining the potential of secondary learning domains, such as video games, to in-school learning processes. Informing my research is the multiliteracies framework and learning by design theories (Cope & Kalantzis, 2009, 2016) Through my multicase ethnographic research study I critically considered the nature of understudied boys’ out-of-school video gaming practices. Past research has focused on the themes of violence and misogyny associated with video games. However, there is a misunderstanding of the embedded narratives that exist in video games which needs further attention. My research has the potential to inform educators on ways boys navigate their selection of games, develop, adopt, and share their cultural knowledge through various modes of meanings.

I acknowledge the guidance and support of Dr. John Barnett, Dr. Michael Kehler, Dr. Claire Crooks, and committee members Dr. Kathy Hibbert and Dr. Rachel Heydon, during my initial PhD journey.

I am grateful for the commitment and unfailing support of my doctoral supervisor Isha DeCoito.

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Isha DeCoito, PhD



Chapters in Edited books

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Conference Proceedings

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Theses published

  • Lane, Carol Ann, (2018). "Multiliteracies meaning-making: How four boys’ video gaming experiences influence their cultural knowledge—Two ethnographic cases" (2018). Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository. 5303.
  • Lane, Carol Ann, (2011). "Social presence impacting cognitive learning of adults in distance education (DE)”. Electronic Thesis and Masters Dissertation. 10791.
  • Thesis Dissertation published in National Library Archives of Canada: July 2011 Invited to Submit Proposed Chapter for University of Calgary, Alberta