Phillipa Myers

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Even the smallest person can change the course of the future. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

I bring to research and teaching the lessons learned from the wonderful, curious, challenging, brilliant, funny students I have taught. My journey as an educator ranges from urban North York to rural and suburban schools in York Region, from New York and New Jersey to London, Ontario. My responsibilities have varied, from the formal – special education, guidance, intermediate, and senior – to the informal – after-school care Supervisor, Family Literacy Coordinator, and Assistant Professor/4-H Agent. While I was teaching, I learned that student-centred education is best. And I reached greater understanding about the impact of class inequities on children. K-2 children in Monticello, NY taught me that race inequities are learned at a very young age. I came to recognize my privilege better while coaching dedicated volunteers who taught literacy skills to adults in Newburg, NY, adults marginalized by learning difficulties and discriminatory immigration practices. My work with educators, children, and youth in the greater Newark, New Jersey area as a member of the Rutgers University 4-H Youth Development team facilitated the incorporation of experiential learning into my teaching. It is here too that I concretely applied equity and inclusion to education practices. Most recently, I learned about hidden inequities while in my role with London’s Child and Youth Network.

Research - My research interests lie in issues of equity, inclusion, and social justice in education, and I approach my research from a critical, intersectional perspective. Inspired by the students I have worked with, my current research explores the experiences of immigrant girls in Canadian schools, and focuses on students of Latin American origin. I am most fortunate to have Professor Goli Rezai-Rashti as my research supervisor.

Teaching - Currently, I teach intermediate/senior pre-service teachers in Western’s B.Ed. program, and am a teaching assistant in the Urban Education specialty program that focuses on equity issues in urban schools. In addition to this and as outlined above, I have extensive prior experience teaching a wide range of students in formal and informal settings.

Service - Since 2011 I have volunteered with the London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership, a community-based network of interested organizations and volunteers with the purpose of facilitating the integration of newcomers into the London community. My work includes active membership on the Education Subcouncil team, which produced Welcoming All Voices, a resource for school-based parent groups to support the inclusion of immigrant parents.