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Competition teaches practical and life lessons

April 16, 2019

Year Two Teacher Candidate Ania Clasen led her Grade 2 class at Adelaide Hoodless Elementary School to victory in Hamilton’s World Water Day Eco-Competition.

Adelaide Hoodless Elementary School’s winning entry at the World Water Day Eco-Competition.

Adelaide Hoodless Elementary School’s winning entry at the World Water Day Eco-Competition. (Photo courtesy of Ania Clasen)

For the competition, students created a poster or object that encouraged water conservation and educated about World Water Day and what can be placed in toilets.

“I’m very proud of my students,” said Clasen. “It was great to see everyone work as a team and try really hard as well as seeing the impact the project had on their learning.”

Clasen became involved in the competition when she was asked by her Associate Teacher if she would take the lead.

Under her direction, students created artwork as well as a toilet they called, ‘Own your throne.’

“They not only educated themselves, but they also reminded other students, as well as teachers and parents, about the importance of conserving water,” said Clasen.

Besides learning about water conservation, Clasen felt the competition gave students important life lessons that they can use inside and outside the classroom.

“Putting effort into anything you do is important,” she said. “If we challenge ourselves and put forth our skills to the best of our abilities, there’s so many things we can do.”

Participating in this competition also helped Clasen as a teacher. First, she found it was challenging for her to step back and give her students the autonomy to complete their work. She also realized Teacher Candidates have an impact on their students.

“You’re not only a student teacher but you’re also part of the community. You can put your best foot forward and really put in the effort and show what your made of,” she said.

The grand prize for the winning school was a water fountain and bottle filling station.

More than 1,700 students at 34 Hamilton schools took part in the competition.

The United Nations established World Water Day in 1993 to highlight the importance of fresh water and clean drinking water.

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