Western Education Joins the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED)

July 08, 2014

Western Education is excited to announce its membership in Phase III of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) consortium — a vibrant community of over 80 distinguished colleges and faculties of education. CPED members serve as “critical friends” in the design and re-design of Doctor of Education (EdD) programs.

Since 2008, the CPED community has “committed resources to work together to undertake a critical examination of the EdD through dialogue, experimentation, critical feedback, and evaluation.” However, only in its most recent phase has CPED has included members beyond the United States border, and Western University was one of only two Canadian institutions to be accepted. Dr. Jill Perry, Executive Director of CPED, remarked that Western Education’s application was “particularly compelling,” based largely on the Faculty’s strong research capacity and the diversity that it brings to the consortium.

Director of Professional Programs Elan Paulson understands this new membership as a boon for the Faculty’s EdD in Educational Leadership, flagship of the professional programs. As members, the Faculty gains access to a community of professionals and scholars committed to ensuring that EdD programs will be relevant to and meaningful for practitioners and leaders in education. CPED offers tools, guidelines, and collaborative research and publication opportunities to its members. Most importantly, the Faculty’s EdD students may network with EdD students in other CPED institutions, participate in CPED events, and apply for the consortium’s dissertation in practice award.

Paulson further explains CPED members meet at “convenings” twice a year. She, along with Dr. Pam Bishop and Dr. Katina Pollock, attended Western’s first CPED convening in Denver, Colorado in early June.

“What is required of us is sustained participation in the activities of CPED,” Paulson explained. “As CPED is a learning community, it only works if members of it are committed to learning together. We hope that our Faculty members and EdD students will be active and highly visible at CPED by attending future convenings, sitting on CPED committees, and more.”

Western’s EdD in Educational Leadership is one of ten graduate-level professional programs, whose flexible, online, and cohort-based delivery allows students to build strong communities of learning without having to leave their professional or personal commitments for on-site classes.

For more information on Western Education’s EdD program, check out its program page or download the program brochure.

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