2009 Alumna teaching in Toad River B.C.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Heather Marr, B. Ed. '09, is thrilled with her first teaching position in Toad River, British Columbia.

"I am the only teacher at the school," reports Heather, "But I have a fantastic principal and teaching assistant to help me out. I teach 12 students from kindergarten to Grade 12 in my school, part of School District 81 (Fort Nelson). I work for a very supportive board, and I get a lot of help from teachers in each of the other schools in the board." Toad River School has a junior and senior classroom, a Mac computer lab, a library, a principal's office, and a staff room.

Located at Mile 422 on the Alaska Highway, Toad River is 195 km west of Fort Nelson on the way to the Yukon. A town of 70 residents with the closest grocery store 2.5 hours away, "Toad River is a very close knit community with a strong emphasis on education," reports Heather. Although students in Grades 10 through 12 take the majority of their courses through correspondence, Heather is responsible for ensuring that they keep up with their studies.

"I really enjoy working with each of the students. I feel privileged to be able to work with students of all ages. Each one is at such a different level of learning, that it has been exciting to help each of them learn and grow. I have also become quite familiar with the British Columbia curriculum since I teach a student in almost every grade. I feel so lucky to have this position because I would not be able to obtain this type of experience anywhere else."

Heather Marr and Ric Graham at the Western Faculty of Education Awards Ceremony

Heather Marr and Ric Graham at the Western Faculty of Education Awards Ceremony