Legacy Gift from the Class of 2010

July 29, 2010

One reason that we won’t forget the graduating Bachelor of Education class of 2010 is the unique Legacy Gift donated to the Faculty.  A school of 17 beautiful wooden fish, designed and painted by students from Lorne Avenue Public School, will shortly be swimming along the corridors of the Faculty. Christie Amyot, this year’s winner of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario Award, coordinated the Legacy Gift initiative on behalf of the graduating class.

Christie’s idea came from her interesting in working with young Aboriginal students and from her background as an artist.  The fish were cut from board and primed in four colours, each colour representing one of the four elements as understood in Aboriginal story: fire, earth, air and water. The students involved in the project chose the fish that “spoke” to them and were encouraged to design and paint their fish in their own way. The results speak for themselves.

On behalf of the Faculty, thank you to the class of 2010 for such a creative and memorable Legacy Gift.

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