Northern community project receives CURA

April 08, 2010

Members of the Faculty are included in an important Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Community-University Research Alliance (CURA) award. Led by Judy Finlay of Ryerson University, the title of the grant is “Mamow Ki-ken-da-ma-win: enhancing social determinates of health through a partnership based approach to child, family and community wellness in First Nations in Northern Ontario”. The grant will be shared by Ryerson University, Lakehead University and Western as well as Mamow Sha-way-gi-kay-win: The North-South Partnership for Children.

Jason Brown has worked with the North-South Partnership (, a successful initiative developed to improve quality of life for children, youth and families in remote First Nations communities (pictured here during a 2008 trip to Pikangikum First Nation).

Jason Brown during a 2008 trip to Pikangikum First Nation

Participation on the CURA project speaks highly of the partnership between researchers and northern communities. Successful co-applicants from our Faculty include: Jason Brown, Alan Leschied, Susan Rodger, and Julia O’Sullivan. The grant is valued at $997,000 over six years.

"The opportunity to do this work from within a social justice framework is exciting," said Professor Susan Rodger. "We hope to make a difference by being part of this innovative model of research that begins and grows through partnership, participation and connection."

Professor Alan Leschied sees "this opportunity to work with First Nations communities represents the culmination of many, many years of developing relationships and trust between partners in the south with the leaders in northern communities."

For Jason Brown, "this is an exciting opportunity for traditional knowledge and community expertise to drive holistic research that promotes the well-being of children and families in Northern First Nations."