Wayne Martino named Faculty Scholar

March 20, 2009

Faculty of Education Professor Wayne Martino has been recognized as one of Western’s Faculty Scholars. The award was established “to honour and celebrate outstanding scholarly achievements at a critical point in the career of a faculty member at Western.” Criteria for the award include: excellence in research, teaching and service.

Professor Martino has achieved international prominence in the area of boys’ schooling, gender and sexuality. His latest book, Boys’ and Schooling: Beyond Structural Reform has had international impact in the field of gender equity and social justice. Wayne’s work is evidence of his extraordinary productivity in a relatively short career. He has published three single-author and seven edited books, thirty articles in international refereed journals, twenty book chapters and a monograph. He has delivered 59 presentations including three key notes. Through his professional publications and presentations, Wayne has inspired teachers and teacher educators in many countries to think differently about issues, to challenge stereotypes, and to bring about positive change in schooling and education.

Professor Martino has been described by his students as an extremely generous and inspirational teacher. His student evaluations are consistently high and he creates, according to student accounts, an environment where students feel safe and are encouraged to articulate and develop perspectives, an environment where learning thrives. Wayne has served on a number of important committees as part of the service component of this recognition, committees that demand critical decisions and significant time commitments.

An external referee sums up Professor Martino’s ongoing contributions: “ His work is the gold standard…Martino sets the standard to which the rest of us aspire. That he is still in mid-career is both inspiring and, frankly, a little bit daunting!”