Hats off to Family Studies students!

February 05, 2009

Not many of this year’s Family Studies students thought they would be taking sewing lessons as part of their curriculum. But that’s just what they did and the outcome was a much needed cold weather donation to the Ailsa Craig community. “One of the important themes of Family Studies,” says Instructor Diane Shea, “involves connecting to the community.” Knowing that many who are in need in the depths of winter would welcome a warm gift, Diane located a very simple fleece hat pattern and set out to teach her students how to make them. Diane knew that only one third of her students had any experience whatsoever with a needle and thread. She showed a few students how to make the hats and they in turn showed the others. And voila! – within 90 minutes 35 warm hats made and decorated, much to the marvel of their creators.

The folks at the Ailsa Craig Food Bank were delighted to receive the hats just as they were putting together packages for young teen women. And the new seamstresses were justly proud of their efforts, one of whom took the idea to her practicum students who were equally delighted with the project.

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