The theatre is dark

March 23, 2009

The show is over, the sets are torn down, the curtain has fallen but the memories linger on. This year’s Faculty of Education (F.E.W. Good Players) production of Urinetown was a great success not only for audience members but for the cast and crew who put their time and hearts into making a great show. “I feel honored to have had a connection with Urinetown and to the teacher candidates who put so much into this project,” says production advisor Ceris Thomas. “It was a tremendous undertaking to work on a project of this magnitude while studying full time. Every student who worked on the production should be so proud.”

Teacher candidates began the process with auditions in the early Fall, before their first practicum. Rehearsals began when they returned, lines were memorized over the Christmas break, rehearsals were in full swing by January. Students gave their time not only practicing to be on stage but in building sets, making costumes, creating publicity and selling tickets.

“The skills and experience s these students have had can be applied in so many ways to their future careers, not just in drama productions but in any leadership role they may take on in their careers as educators,” says Thomas.