AQ Course Winner

February 08, 2008

Education’s AQ Course Winner!

Over the sound of a drum roll courtesy of her colleagues’ hands pounding on the cafeteria tables, Becky Bowman heard her name called as the lucky recipient of a ‘free Additional Qualifications’ (AQ) course on February 7, 2008 over the lunch hour. She was one of hundreds who took the time to stop by for a visit during the Continuing Teacher Education (CTE) office’s AQ Demonstration Day. Preservice students were able to visit with AQ instructors and CTE staff to get a look at the virtual learning environment and ask questions. Although the CTE office has always held information sessions, they decided to do something a little different this year to ensure that students were able to find the office as it moved around during the construction at the Faculty of Education, and to show their appreciation for the students’ patience and good humour. Many thanks to Beth Nordemann, co-president of the Students’ Council, who was on hand to make the draw for the lucky winner.

Becky will be able to choose one course from the offerings this year (a win-win, since Western’s Faculty of Education Courses are the BEST in the land!), and upon successful completion, she will receive a 100% refund. Congratulations Becky, and a reminder to Preservice students to sign up now for your intersession and summer courses.

AQ Course Winner Becky (Photo: The Faculty of Education)
AQ Course Winner Becky (Photo: The Faculty of Education)