Celebrating 50 years of the Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education 50th Anniversary

Thank you for visiting our 50th Anniversary website and joining us in celebrating our faculty’s storied history. 2024 marks 50 years since we were established as the Faculty of Education at Western University and 2025 will mark 50 years since we conferred our first degree as a faculty.

At the same time, we are celebrating those who attended Althouse College, the London Teachers’ College and all other previous iterations of the Faculty of Education. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before, and we have so much to celebrate!

The Dean

Message from the Dean

Happy anniversary Western Education!

I cannot begin to express how privileged and honoured I feel to not only serve as our faculty’s Dean, but to do so during such a special time.

Our 50th Anniversary is so much more than just a date we mark on our calendars, rather it is a testament to Western University’s support and recognition of the important role that we play in our society as educators and researchers. Our long-lasting and continued impact is found in the countless children, families, schools and communities that our alumni have served for decades.

As you browse our anniversary website, you’ll have a chance to learn about how your fellow graduates have extended their positive reach into all corners of the world. Please share your story with us, so that we can shine a light your work as well and demonstrate why our collective impact is so immeasurable.

Donna Kotsopoulos, Ph.D.
Dean, Faculty of Education

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