Dr. Perry Klein, PhD

Professor - Applied Psychology

Dr. Perry Klein, PhD

Professor - Applied Psychology

I work with a research team studying early intervention in writing. We investigate four questions: How can we teach writing strategies and self-regulation to beginning writers? How can we teach sentence construction? How can we make writing education more effective for struggling writers, including students with learning disabilities? How should instruction in written expression, sentence construction, spelling, and handwriting be sequenced, balanced and integrated?

I began my career as a teacher in North York, Ontario. I completed a PhD in Applied Educational Psychology at the Centre for Applied Cognitive Science at the University of Toronto. I teach courses in academic interventions, and adaptive instruction in reading and writing.


Klein, P. D., Archibald, L. M., & Tucker, W. A. “Early intervention in writing.” Social Science and Humanities Research Canada Insight Grant. Funded for $238,307.00. March 15, 2018 to March 31, 2023. File number 435-2018-1299.

Klein, P. D. “Can cognitive load theory be used to support nonfiction writing?” Funded for $114, 252. Social Science and Humanities Research Canada Insight Grant. April 01, 2012 to March 31, 2016. Extended to March 31, 2017.

Recent Publications

Klein, P.D., Troup, D. Mussio, C., Malik, C., Lukewich, S. Heintzman, S. (2024, April). Can the Syntax Project meet Ontario's new expectations for teaching sentence writing and grammar? Faculty Research Partners Day, Western University, London, Canada.

 Klein, P.D., Di Trolio, K., Lukewich, S., Mussio, C., Troup, D. Mussio, C., Thomposon, S., Dombroski, J. (2024, April). Who benefits from response to intervention in self-regulated strategy development?  Faculty Research Partners Day, Western University, London, Canada.

Klein, P. D., Casola, M., Dombroski, J. D., Giese, C., Sha, K W.-Y., & Thompson, S. C. (2023). Response to intervention in virtual classrooms with beginning writers. Reading & Writing Quarterly, 39(5), 413-435. https://doi.org/10.1080/10573569.2022.2131662

Klein, P. D. (2022). Response to Cummins: The OHRC Right to Read Report will move Ontario into the 21st century. Journal of Teaching and Learning, 16(3), 96-108.  https://id.erudit.org/iderudit/1096540ar 

Klein, P., Bildfell, A., Dombroski, J. D., Giese, C., Sha, K. W.-Y., & Thompson, S. C. (2022). Self-regulation in early writing strategy instruction. Reading & Writing Quarterly38(2), 101-125. https://doi.org/10.1080/10573569.2021.1919577  

Klein, P. D. (2020). Integrating social and psychological perspectives on writing as a learning activity. In Charles Bazerman et al. (Eds.), Conocer la escrita: investigación más allá de las fronteras / Knowing Writing: Writing Research Across Borders (pp. 399-422). Bogota, Colombia: Pontifica Universidad Javeriana and the Writing Across the Curriculum Clearinghouse.

Klein, P. D. & van Dijk, A. (2019). Writing as a learning activity. In J. Dunlosky & K. Rawson (Eds.), Cambridge Handbook of Cognition and Education (pp. 266-29). Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, MA.

Klein, P. D., Haug, K. N., & Bildfell, A. (2018). Best practices in writing to learn. In S. Graham, C. A. MacArthur, & M. Hebert (Eds.), Best practices in writing instruction (3rd ed.; pp. 162-184). New York, NY: The Guilford Press.


Teaching and Supervision


TE5437 Supporting Primary and Junior Learners who Struggle with Reading and Writing

TE5437 Adaptive Instruction in Reading and Writing

ED 9811 Cognitive and Academic Interventions

Recent Theses

Thompson, S. Measuring self-efficacy and enjoyment in beginning writers. In progress. 

Sha, K. W.Y. Exploring the role of gender in writing strategy instruction for early writers. In progress. 

Haug, Katrina. Speech-to-text and the Struggling writer: Effects on learning a new writing strategy. In progress.

Casola, M. Single subject writing interventions: A meta-analysis. (M.A. thesis). Western University, London, Canada. Defended June, 2023. 

Bildfell, Ashley. Assessing self-regulation in Grade 1 writers: An evaluation of the reliability and validity of the Interview on Self-Regulation in Early Writing. (Ph.D. thesis). Western University, London, Canada. Defended June, 2021.


Knowledge Mobilization

Klein, P. D. (2023, August). Early intervention for beginning writers. Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario, LD@School Educators Institute. Invited talk. 

Klein, P. D. (2022, October). From effective intervention to early intervention: New research on teaching struggling beginning writers. Learning Disabilities Association of Canada, October 2022. Online conference. Invited talk.

Buckingham, J., Cunningham, T. Joanisse, M., Klein, P. & Malcolm, U, & Smith, A. (2022). The Right to Read Inquiry: Responding to Opposition 2022. Panel discussion hosted by International Dyslexia Association.  

Klein, P. D. (2021, June). How to teach writing to Grade 1 kids: New strategies for teachers and parents. The Conversation: Canadian Edition.  https://theconversation.com/how-to-teach-writing-to-grade-1-kids-new-strategies-for-teachers-and-parents-149309.