Jasprit (Jessy) Pandori-Chuckal

PhD Candidate


Jessy is currently a PhD candidate in the School and Applied Child Psychology program under the supervision of Dr. Susan Rodger. Jessy completed an H.BA. in Psychology at York University, Certification in Rehabilitation Services, and an M.Ed. in Counselling Psychology at Western University. Jessy’s research interests have broadly focused on areas of school safety and school related violence, including bullying perpetration and victimization, at-risk youth and mental health outcomes, and the implementation of mental health based early intervention and prevention programs in collaboration with parents, teachers and students. Jessy’s doctoral research has shifted to explore the teacher experience through the context of enhancing and promoting mental health literacy within initial teacher education. She aims to contribute to research on mental health within the context of the education system by examining teacher mental health, workplace violence and victimization, stress, coping skills, and stigma related attitudes to support pre-service teachers in navigating their own mental well-being and that of their students. Along with her research and affiliation with the Centre, Jessy is also involved in a multitude of community and national projects, including her active involvement with Family Channel’s StandUP! Campaign to promote bullying awareness, one of PRENVET’s 10 Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) Mobilization Projects and the Canadian Red Cross as a research consultant.