PhD Profiles

Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology includes faculty members with expertise in Mental Health, Inclusive and Special Education, and Cognition and Neuroscience. We currently offer the following programs: An M.A. in Counselling Psychology; an M.A. in Education Studies with a focus in Educational Psychology and Special Education; an M.P.Ed. with a focus in Applied Behavior Analysis; and a Ph.D. in Education Studies with a focus in Applied Educational Psychology. Members of the ARC direct The Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children, The Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education, and The Centre for School-Based Mental Health.

Critical Policy, Equity and Leadership Studies - CPELS

CPELS members employ multidisciplinary approaches to interrogate the socio-political contexts of education policy, practice, and leadership and administration, through a range of perspectives, including traditional and indigenous knowledges. CPELS members focus on domestic and global systems, networks, organizations, communities, and individuals, and have expertise in critical policy analysis; educational leadership and administration; global and international and comparative education, indigenous education, and social equity, including critical race, gender, and queer studies. A number of faculty members direct large externally-funded research projects and are part of global, national, and local research partnerships.

Curriculum Studies and Studies in Applied Linguistics – CSSAL

This cluster is made up of programs & research that include two interrelated threads: Curriculum Studies & Applied Linguistics. Curriculum studies is an established, but not uniform, discipline that has been identified as the first (& perhaps only) discipline to be birthed from education itself. Applied linguistics is an interdisciplinary field of study that investigates issues pertaining to the nature of language & language use, particularly in the field of education.