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We have a diverse suite of onsite and online program offerings that reflect our research expertise in many of today's major themes in education.

Choose from four graduate programs and explore their many "fields" of study that allow you to build expertise in the area of most value to you while earning a well-recognized graduate degree.

Doctor of Education

Length: 3 Years* Format: Online

Our Doctor of Education (EdD) in Educational Leadership is a doctoral degree that teaches seasoned educators and professionals specific, research-informed leadership practices, and prepares them to appropriately apply their learning to their own workplace and leadership roles.

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Master of Professional Education

Length: 2 Years* Format: Online**

The Master of Professional Education is a fully online degree designed for working professionals wishing to advance in their chosen field. Candidates will develop critical thinking and decision-making skills to solve authentic problems of practice.

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Doctor of Philosophy

Length: 4 Years* Format: On Site

The Doctor of Philosophy Program provides Students with exceptional mentorship and scholarly resources to succeed at the highest level of academia. Review our available fields of study and partner with one of our world-renowned Faculty members to conduct your research investigation.

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Master of Arts

Length: 12-24 months** Format: On Site

The Master of Arts Program is a robust, research-intensive degree that will help you to build the rigorous academic skills for success in education and corporate environments. Choose from the available fields to learn how you can build the right skills for your academic and career goals.

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