MPEd Program Cohort


The Master of Professional Education (MPEd) program is designed for professionals who want to advance their careers, develop critical thinking and decision-making skills as well as learn to integrate research into your professional life that helps you solve workplace problems.

Our cohort-based program allows you to grow your professional network. By studying with the same group of students throughout your MPEd, you will develop relationships that may last a lifetime.

- MPEd Common Questions -

What is the duration?2 YEARS*
When does the program start?SEPTEMBER**
How is it delivered?ONLINE*
Is it research intensive?NO
Is it professionally focused?YES
Is a thesis or a Master's Research Project (MRP) required?NO
Do you have the ability to maintain full-time employment?YES****

* Excluding MPEd in the Fields of TESOL and ISL. ** MPEd in the Fields of ISL and TESOL begins in September and January. MPEd in Educational Leadership focused in Aboriginal Education starts in July. *** Limited MPEd in the Fields of TESOL and ISL.

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