Dr Zheng Zhang

Assistant Professor


My research interests include curriculum studies of transnational education, literacy and biliteracy curriculum, internationalization of curriculum, English academic writing, multimodal literacy, cross-border teacher education undergirded by new media literacies, and multiliteracies pedagogy in culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. I teach courses related to literacy and curriculum. Previously, I served as assistant professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Expertise Areas


Funded Research Projects

Zhang, Z. (principal applicant) & Heydon R. (2016-2018). A multiple case study of literacy curricula in Canadian transnational education programs in China, SSHRC IDG.

Zhang, Z. (2013-2014). A Multiliteracies perspective: Trajectory of literacy curricula in Canadian transnational education programmes in Hong Kong and Macao. Direct Grant, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Zhang, Z. (principal applicant), & Li, J. (2013-2014). Transnational exploration of English education: Hong Kong and Canadian English student teachers connected through Open Educational Resources. IT Ed Fund, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Zhang, Z. (principal applicant), Kim, M. S., & Heydon, R. (2015-2017). Canadian literacy curricula go global: Rationales, recalibrations, and impacts. Faculty Research Development Fund, Western University.

Zhang, Z. (2015-2016). A systematic review of the dimensions and effectiveness of multiliteracies pedagogy. Internal Research Grant, Western University.

Recent Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

Zhang, Z., Li, J., Liu, F., & Miao, Z. (2016). Hong Kong and Canadian students experiencing a new participatory culture: A teacher professional training project undergirded by new media literacies. Teaching and Teacher Education, 59(2016), 146-158. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.tate.2016.05.017

Li, J., & Zhang, Z. (2016). An intercontinental inquiry on multicultural education: Canadian and Hong Kong university students connected through a Web 2.0 learning environment. Intercultural Education, 26(6), 562-583.

Zhang, Z., & Heydon, R. (2015). The changing landscape of literacy curriculum in a Sino-Canada transnational education programme: An actor-network theory informed case study. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 48(4), 547-564.

Zhang, Z. (2015). Chinese and Canadian teachers implement a hybrid Sino-Canadian curriculum: A multiliteracies perspective. Teaching and Teacher Education, 48(2015), 106-116. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.tate.2015.02.006

Zhang, Z., Fyn, D., Langelotz, L., Lönngren, J., McCorquodale, L., & Nehez, J. (2014). Our way(s) to action research: Doctoral students’ international & interdisciplinary collaboration. Action Research, 12(3), 293-314.

Zhang, Z., & Heydon, R. (2014). Lived literacy curriculum in a globalized schooling context: A case study of a Sino-Canadian transnational programme. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 46(3), 389-418.

Zhang, Z., & Heydon, R. (2014). Language, literacy, and singing. Language & Literacy, 16(3), 1-3.

Heydon, R., Crocker, W. A., & Zhang, Z. (2013). Novels, nests and other provocations: Emergent literacy curriculum production in a childcare centre. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 46(1), 1-32.

Beynon, C.A., Heydon, R., O’Neill, S.A., Zhang, Z., & Crocker, W. (2013). Straining to hear the singing: Toward an understanding of successful intergenerational singing curriculum. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 11(2), 176-189.

Rowsell, J., Prinsloo, M., & Zhang, Z. (2012). Socializing the digital: Taking emic perspectives on digital domains. Language & Literacy, 14(2), 1-5.

Zhang, Z. (2011). A nested model of academic writing approaches: Chinese international graduate students’ views of English academic writing. Language & Literacy, 13(1), 39-59.

Zhang, Z., & Bano, N. (2010). Multiple cultures and multiple literacies: Chinese and Pakistani immigrant families’ perceptions of family literacy programs. Canadian and International Education, 39(3), 81-100.

Book Chapters

Heydon, R., Zhang, Z., & Bocazar, B., (in press). Ethical curricula through responsive, multimodal literacy & pedagogy: Illustrations from a kindergarten classroom curriculum. International perspectives on inclusive education.

Zhang, Z., & Heydon, R. (2016). Being open to the Other: K-12 teachers’ multimodal reflections on Hong Kong curricula. In S. S. Choo, D. Sawch, A. Villanueva, & R. Vinz (Eds.), Educating for 21st century global capacities: International perspectives and practices (pp. 425-445). Springer.

Research Reports

Hyland, T. A., Howell, G., & Zhang, Z. (2010). The effectiveness of the Writing Proficiency Assessment (WPA) in improving student writing skills at Huron University College. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario.

Book Reviews

Zhang, Z. (in press). Book review: Mo, J. Q. (2013). Transplantation and innovation: Establishing an international school accreditation system in China. Beijing, China: Educational Science Publishing House. Frontiers of Education in China, 9(4).

Zhang, Z. (2013). Book review: Kenner, C. (2004). Becoming biliterate: Young children learning different writing systems. Stoke-on-Trent, UK: Trentham Books. Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, 13(2), 301-306.

Zhang, Z. (2009). Print literacy development: Uniting cognitive and social practice theories. Book review: Purcell-Gates, V., Jacobson, E. & Degener, S. (2004). Print literacy development: Uniting cognitive and social practice theories. Hongkong Journal of Applied Linguistics, 12(1), 93-94.

Teaching and Supervision

Graduate Student Supervision

Ph.D. Thesis Supervisor:

Nagle, Joelle. Multiliteracies in teacher professional learning: Exploring the lived curriculum of educators in an online Professional Masters of Education program. Western University (May 2015 to present, co-supervisor with Prof. Rachel Heydon)

Zhang, Wenxiao. Exploring in-service EFL teacher assessment literacy in Mainland China: The relationship among competence, attitudes, and practices. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Oct 3, 2013 1st qualifying paper) (April 6, 2013 to August 20 2013 in the capacity of committee member; August 20, 2013 to December 12, 2014 co-supervisor with Prof. Cheung Sin Pui Derek)

M.A. Thesis Supervisor:

McKishnie, Bethany Corinne. Western University.

Lin, Zhen. Western University.

Johnson, Megan. Western University.

Li, Ran. Western University.

Li, Wanjing. Western University.

Hu, Yifei. Western University.

Yuze Gao. Western University.

Yan Li. Western University.

Mengxue Li (co-supervison with Dr. Mi Song Kim.) Western University.

M.E.d. Thesis Supervisor

Apple Chan Lai Ha. Learning through play: A case study of a Hong Kong kindergarten. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (November 22, 2014 graduation)

Ph.D. Thesis Supervisory Committee Member:

Cheung, Chui Ling. Application of scaffolds in genre-based pedagogy to second language (L2) writing instruction: A case-study of EFL students with low proficiency. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (August 15, 2014 [viva])

Kong, Siu Ping. An action research of teaching and learning in a general education course at a community college in Hong Kong. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (February 27, 2015 [viva])

Yang, Xin. A research on interactive relationship between teacher’s practical knowledge and teaching decision making in the context of curriculum reform of Mainland China. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (August 15, 2013 [viva])

Undergraduate Student Supervision

Liu, Lingyun. (2006). On translatability of English proverbs. Unpublished B.A. thesis, Shanghai University of Electric Power, Shanghai, China.

Xu, Xu. (2006). Second language acquisition and effective English teaching methods. Unpublished B.A. thesis, Shanghai University of Electric Power, Shanghai, China.

Zhang, Wen. (2006). A study on translation of English idioms. Unpublished B.A. thesis, Shanghai University of Electric Power, Shanghai, China.

Wu, Min. (2005). A brief study of Chinglish. Unpublished B.A. thesis, Shanghai University of Electric Power, Shanghai, China.

Xu, Shi. (2005). Sexism in English: Insights from the feminists’ criticism upon English. Unpublished B.A. thesis, Shanghai University of Electric Power, Shanghai, China.