Dr Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw



Environmental Pedagogies and Early Childhood Education

My current research traces the common world relations of children with places, materials, and other species. In particular, I am interested in the real life-worlds that 21st-century children inherit, inhabit, and share with others – human and more-than-human; and how these life-worlds are shaped by the legacies of anthropogenic environmental damage, imperial expansion, colonial dispossession, global inequalities, and displacements. I am keenly interested in how we, as educators, can develop pedagogies that attend to children’s real world relations in the places they inhabit.

For further information about current research, courses and selected publications, visit http://www.veronicapaciniketchabaw.com/

Twitter: @vpacinik @common_worlds

Common World Childhoods Research Collective: http://commonworlds.net/

Encounters with Materials in Early Childhood Education: http://encounterswithmaterials.com/