Dr Goli Rezai-Rashti



My research and teaching are in the field of sociology of education, with a focus on anti-racism, feminism, anticolonial, educational inequality, and the impact of globalization and neoliberal policy reform in education. My research and teaching on race, class, and gender grew out of my commitment to equity and social justice education. I received the Faculty Scholar’s Award from the University of Western Ontario for recognition of my achievement in teaching and research.

I have been awarded several Social Sciences and Humanities Research (SSHRC) grants, both as Principal researcher and co-investigator. My current SSHRC project deals with globalization, accountability, standardized testing and their impact on equity education. The research seeks to understand the perspectives of students, teachers, and educational leaders in Canada and Australia. In addition, I am editing a book on Women, Islam and Education in Iran that is scheduled to be published in 2018 by Routledge, New York.

I have supervised a significant number of graduate students, who successfully completed their PhD and Master’s degrees.

I have numerous publications in prestigious refereed journals and co-authored several books.

Expertise Areas


SSHRC Funded Research

  • Accountability and the impact of standardized testing on equity education and the achievement of minority students in Canadian and Australian schools (with Wayne Martino, Bob Lingard and Fazal Rizvi)
  • Beyond the crisis of “failing boys”: Investigating which boys and which girls are underachieving (with Wayne Martino and Cameron McCarthy)
  • The influence of male elementary school teachers as role models (with Wayne Martino)
  • Women and higher education in post-revolutionary Iran 1979-2005
  • Globalization, educational restructuring, and curriculum reform in Ontario: An institutional ethnography
  • The woman teacher in Twentieth-Century Ontario

Recent Publications

Editorial Roles

Martino, W., Rezai-Rashti, G., & Lingard, B. (Guest editors). (2013). Gendering in gender Research: Methodological considerations. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 26(3-4).

Lingard, B., Martino, W., & Rezai-Rashti, G. (Guest editors) (2013). Testing regimes, accountabilities .and education policy. Journal of Education Policy, 16(4).

Series Editor

Martino, W., Renold, E., Rezai-Rashti, G., Ringrose, J., & Rodriguez, N. (2014-present). Routledge Series Editors on Gender and Sexuality in Education.

Selected Books

Rezai-Rashti, G., & Mehran, G. (Eds.). (Forthcoming). Women, Islam and education in Iran. New York: Routledge.

Lingard, B., Martino, W., Rezai-Rashti,G., & Sellar, S. (2016). Globalizing educational accountabilities. New York: Routledge.

Lingard, B, Martino, W & Rezai-Rashti, G. (Eds).(2016). Testing regimes, accountabilities and education policy. New York, London: Routledge.

Martino, W., & Rezai-Rashti, G. (2012). Gender, race and the politics of role modelling: The influence of male teachers. New York: Routledge.

Amin, N., Beer F., McPherson, K., Medovarski, A., Miles, A., & Rezai-Rashti, G. (Eds.). (1999). Canadian woman studies: An introductory reader. Toronto, ON: Inanna Publications and Education Inc. Monograph.

Paribakht, S., & Rezai-Rashti, G. (1992). Persian heritage language curriculum in Canada: A curriculum guide. The National Heritage Language Resource Unit, OISE. (In Persian). Special Issues of Journal (Guest Editor)

Selected Publications

Rezai-Rashti, G, Segeren, A & Martino. W. (2016). The new articulation of equity education in neoliberal times: The changing conception of social justice in Ontario. Globalisation, Societies and Education.

Rezai-Rashti,G. (2015). The politics of gender segregation and women's access to higher education in the Islamic Republic of Iran: the interplay of repression and resistance. Gender and Education, 27(5), 469-486.

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Teaching and Supervision

Recent Courses Taught


  • PhD Seminar: Critical Policy, Equity and Leadership Studies
  • Race and Ethnicity in Education
  • Globalization and Education
  • Theories of Education
  • Postcolonial Theories and Critical Approaches in Women Studies
  • Advanced Topics in Equity and Social Justice in Education

Teacher Education:

  • Teaching for Equity and Social Justice
  • Urban Schools                                
  • Critical and Transformative Pedagogies