Dr Gabrielle Lee

Assistant Professor

Degree:M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology (Rutgers), PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis (Teachers College of Columbia University)
Office:FEB 1105

Applied Psychology


Prior to my appointment at Western, I served as an assistant professor at Michigan State University and as a clinical director in the ABA/Autism programs at private agencies. I am a licensed psychologist in Michigan and a board-certified behavior analyst. I conduct collaborative research with researchers in US, Asia, and Canada. My research focuses on behavioral intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder.

My current ongoing projects:

  1. Implementing a computer-assisted naming instruction in special education classrooms
  2. Teaching symbolic play behaviors to children with autism spectrum disorder

Expertise Areas

Recent Publications

Lee, G. T. & Chang, T. (in press). Evaluating online video training to supplement textbook readings in a graduate course in applied behavior analysis. International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design

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