Dr Emma Duerden

Assistant Professor

Degree:BA, Psychology (McGill University); MSc, Neuroscience (McGill University); PhD, Neuroscience (University of Montreal)
X 88694
Office:FEB 1131

Applied Psychology


Website: https://www.developingbrain.ca/

I’m an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education and a supervisor for graduate students in the School and Applied Child Psychology program. My research program focuses on the impact of early adversity on cognitive ability in infants and school-aged children with autism spectrum disorder or who are born very preterm. The goal of my research program is to identify risk factors for early adversity as well as factors that promote resilience to early life stress, healthy brain development and academic achievement in children.

Expertise Areas

In The News

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Recent Publications

Urbain C, Sato J, Hammill C, Duerden EG, Taylor, MJ. Converging function, structure and behavioural features of emotion regulation in preterm children. Human Brain Mapping. 2019 Aug 1;40(11):3385-3397. doi: 10.1002/hbm.24604. Epub 2019 May 6. PMID: 31056820

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Teaching and Supervision

2019 – Psychosocial aspects of schooling (MA, School Psych, Year 1/PhD, AP, Year 2) Course number: 9801A-001

2019 – Mind, Brain and Education (PhD, School Psych, Year 1) Course number: 9802A-001

2020 – Advance Quantitative Research Methods (MA, School Psych, Year 1) Course number: 97052A-001