Critical Policy, Equity and Leadership Studies

This cluster is made up of three separate but interrelated fields of study and research – Critical Policy Studies in Education, Equity Studies in Education and Leadership Studies in Education.

The faculty provides a multidisciplinary focus on the social context of educational policy, practice and leadership, particularly in terms of questions of equity and social justice. In addition, faculty members offer courses and mentorship to graduate students in education with research interests in the areas of antiracism and postcolonial studies, comparative and international education, gender and queer studies in education, globalization and education, indigenous education, leadership, policy studies and sociology of education.

Researchers in the cluster draw on a range of disciplines and critical perspectives, but all have a particular focus on the social, cultural and political contexts of education.

The broad concerns and interests of this cluster include the following:

  • Comparative and international education
  • Equity and social justice education
  • Leadership in educational contexts
  • Policy making and its enactment in educational contexts
  • Social, cultural, economic, political and legal contexts of schooling and education
  • Teaching and learning

Cluster members have strengths in the following areas:

  • Aboriginal studies and decolonizing methodologies in education
  • Anti-racist and critical multicultural education
  • Comparative and international education
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Cultural studies in education
  • Education law
  • Educational reform
  • Feminist and postcolonial studies in education
  • Gender equity and gender studies in education
  • Globalization and education
  • Global citizenship education
  • Leadership in high-poverty schools
  • Leadership values and ethics
  • Leadership and organizational change
  • Leadership and philosophy
  • Leadership and principals’ work
  • Masculinities and schooling
  • Qualitative research methodologies
  • Queer Studies and anti-homophobic education
  • Social, political and legal contexts of schooling, teaching and learning

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Program Chair

Dr Prachi SrivastavaSrivastava, Dr Prachi

Faculty Members

Dr Pam BishopBishop, Dr Pam Dr Brent DebassigeDebassige, Dr Brent Dr Brenton FaubertFaubert, Dr Brenton Dr Rita GardinerGardiner, Dr Rita Dr Marianne LarsenLarsen, Dr Marianne Dr Jun LiLi, Dr Jun Dr Wayne MartinoMartino, Dr Wayne Dr Erica NeeganagwedginNeeganagwedgin, Dr Erica Dr Katina PollockPollock, Dr Katina Dr Goli Rezai-RashtiRezai-Rashti, Dr Goli Dr Augusto RiverosRiveros, Dr Augusto Dr Prachi SrivastavaSrivastava, Dr Prachi Dr Paul TarcTarc, Dr Paul William TuckerTucker, William Dr Melody ViczkoViczko, Dr Melody

Post Doctoral Associates

Robyn ReadRead, Robyn