Critical Policy, Equity and Leadership Studies (CPELS)

Scholarship, teaching, and public engagement in CPELS are framed by critical and social justice approaches to education research, policy, and practice in local, national, international, and transnational contexts. CPELS members employ multidisciplinary approaches to interrogate the socio-political contexts of education policy, practice, and leadership and administration, through a range of perspectives, including traditional and Indigenous knowledges. CPELS work focuses on domestic and global systems, networks, organizations, communities, and individuals, and has a particular commitment to issues of significance faced by marginalized communities in Canada and globally.

Faculty members have expertise on a wide range of topics centred in the following areas:

  • Educational leadership
  • Education policy studies
  • Global, comparative and international education
  • Indigenous education
  • Social equity, including critical race, gender, and queer studies

CPELS faculty members direct a wide variety of externally-funded academic research projects, and lead and participate in an extensive range of national and international research collaborations and partnerships. Members direct the Centre for Educational Leadership, and the Research for International and Contemporary Education (RICE) research group.

Please click on specific faculty members' names below for details on areas of specialization.

Program Chair

Dr Jun LiLi, Dr Jun

Faculty Members

Dr Pam BishopBishop, Dr Pam Dr Brent DebassigeDebassige, Dr Brent Dr Brenton FaubertFaubert, Dr Brenton Dr Rita GardinerGardiner, Dr Rita Dr Jun LiLi, Dr Jun Dr Wayne MartinoMartino, Dr Wayne Dr Erica NeeganagwedginNeeganagwedgin, Dr Erica Dr Katina PollockPollock, Dr Katina Dr Goli Rezai-RashtiRezai-Rashti, Dr Goli Dr Augusto RiverosRiveros, Dr Augusto Dr Prachi SrivastavaSrivastava, Dr Prachi Dr Paul TarcTarc, Dr Paul Dr Melody ViczkoViczko, Dr Melody

Part-Time Faculty

Dr Jennifer C. IngreyIngrey, Dr Jennifer C.