Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology includes faculty members with expertise in Mental Health, Inclusive and Special Education, and Cognition and Neuroscience. We currently offer the following programs: An M.A. in Counselling Psychology; an M.A. in Education Studies with a focus in Educational Psychology and Special Education; an M.P.Ed. with a focus in Applied Behavior Analysis; and a Ph.D. in Education Studies with a focus in Applied Educational Psychology. Members of the ARC direct The Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children, The Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education, and The Centre for School-Based Mental Health.

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Program Chair

Dr Jacqueline SpechtSpecht, Dr Jacqueline

Faculty Members

Dr Daniel AnsariAnsari, Dr Daniel Dr Karen BaxBax, Dr Karen Dr Jason BrownBrown, Dr Jason Dr Claire CrooksCrooks, Dr Claire Dr Emma DuerdenDuerden, Dr Emma Dr Alan EdmundsEdmunds, Dr Alan Dr Barbara FenesiFenesi, Dr Barbara Dr Deanna FriesenFriesen, Dr Deanna Dr Peter JaffeJaffe, Dr Peter Dr. Colin KingKing, Dr. Colin Dr Perry KleinKlein, Dr Perry Dr Gabrielle LeeLee, Dr Gabrielle Dr Nicole NeilNeil, Dr Nicole Dr Elizabeth NowickiNowicki, Dr Elizabeth Dr Susan RodgerRodger, Dr Susan Dr Vicki SchweanSchwean, Dr Vicki Dr Jacqueline SpechtSpecht, Dr Jacqueline Dr Shannon StewartStewart, Dr Shannon