Symposium 2011


This is a one-day symposium aimed to bring together a number of researchers and educators in the region to think through the limits and possibilities of international education in the contemporary moment. We hope to put on a very thought provoking, interactive and intimate symposium that will be useful in developing collaborative relations and enhanced thinking.

Conference Key Note

Professor Jane Kenway on "Globalizing the Research Imagination"

Conference Organizers

Professor Julie Byrd Clark

Professor Paul Tarc

Doctoral student and RICE RA, Allyson Larkin

Symposium Details

Theorizing International Education: (Shifting) Contexts, Concepts, Methods

Internationalizing education has become a strategic mission of multiple universities under intensified processes and imaginaries of globalization. This eclectic movement, inclusive of multiple discourses and distinct expressions, framed by neoliberal branding agendas to liberal humanist pedagogies, is (re)animating a whole set of initiatives, such as: international academic partnerships, North-South development-oriented initiatives, global citizenship education, internationalizing preservice and graduate education, international service learning, language learning, e-learning, etc. While the related academic literatures of experiential education, inter-cultural learning or adult education offer frames to understand and research practices of international education, it may be time for alternative conceptualizations or new ways of thinking and doing research vis-à-vis international education. Although international education, broadly construed, is the content focus for this conference, the central pedagogical aim is to share and extend how we think and do our work with or alongside the rubric of 'internationalizing education.' Aligned with the conference subtitle, some contributions will focus on context: theorizing the contemporary moment in which internationalizing education has become salient. Some contributions will focus on key concepts or analytic strategies deemed useful to theorizing the 'international.' Others will focus on what one actually does in the name of 'research,' particularly where one might get 'tripped up,' and how one might respond conceptually or pedagogically. The tentative program is presented below. If you would like to present your thinking in a panel session (session III) or via a written 6-page précis (the content organizing Session II discussion groups), please send your proposal, in 500 words or so, to doctoral student and RICE RA Allyson Larkin who is supporting conference organizers Paul Tarc and Julie Byrd Clark We hope to have a very engaging set of presentations and maintain an intimate enough environment to get to know others and their research. Thus, we will limit registration to the first one hundred individuals to register for the conference (with some consideration to having a balance of faculty and graduate students). Registration will be $30 for Faculty and $20 for students or individuals with low income. It will include a light catered lunch and a complimentary wine/beer ticket at the culminating wine and cheese.

Theorizing International Education: (Shifting) Contexts, Concepts, Methods
Tentative Program - (keynote begins at 10:00 am)

Session I Keynote Speaker ? Professor Jane Kenway
?Globalizing the research imagination?
Session II Parallel small group discussion of pre-posted pr?cis by invited contributors
Theoretical interventions in researching international education
See Small Group Paper Discussions
Catered lunch
Session III Invited and selected panels
Invited panel 1 Building/sustaining partnerships in the Global South: Practicalities, pedagogies, ethics
Invited panel 2 Internationalizing teacher education
Invited panel 3 Multilingualism and Identity in Transnational Spaces
Invited panel 4 Exploiting neoliberalism? Navigating internationalization agendas
One or two additional panels may be formed based on incoming proposals that address the contexts, concepts or methods of research in/founding international education in the contemporary moment.
Session IV Sharing our current and future research projects
All participants are encouraged to bring a leaflet that can rapidly convey your research and a problematic or challenging dimension of it to promote a session where we share our specific research. It is hoped that participants may find potential collaborators through this more informal session. We will post some exemplars up on the website.
Wine and Cheese

Symposium Panelists

Building/sustaining partnerships in the Global South: Practicalities, pedagogies, ethics

  • Chantal Phillips, Ridgetown Campus Library, University of Guelph
  • Marian K. Roks, Co-Founder, Project TEMBO, Ottawa
  • Chair: Professor Aniko Varpalotai, Faculty of Education, UWO

Internationalizing teacher education

  • Professor Roopa Desai Trilokekar, Faculty of Education, York University
  • Professor Nicholas Ng-A-Fook, Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa
  • Chair: Professor Paul Tarc, Faculty of Education, UWO

Multilingualism and Identity in Transnational Spaces

  • Professor Sylvie Lamoureux, Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute, University of Ottawa
  • Professor Eve Haque, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, York University
  • Chair: Professor Julie Byrd Clark, Faculty of Education, UWO

Exploiting neoliberalism? Navigating internationalization agendas

  • Professor Sarfaroz Niyozov, Co-director Comparative, International and Development Education Center, OISE/UT
  • Professor Allan Pitman, Faculty of Education, UWO
  • Chair: Professor Marianne Larsen, Faculty of Education, UWO

Small Group Paper Discussions

Here are the pdfs of paper contributions for Session II of our symposium: the parallel small group discussions. Please read at least one of these papers before the 15th so that you can better contribute to the conversation. The author of each paper will lead a discussion on their paper. We hope this format provides a way into some deep discussions. As these are drafts and works in progress, they should not be circulated or cited. Thanks!