Research Interests

Becoming an Internationally Minded Teacher in Culturally Diverse Contexts [James Budrow, PhD Candidate]

Comparative studies of online education for ESL students in higher education in China and Canada [Ying Huang (Alyssa), PhD Student]

Comparative studies between Canada and China in higher education sector [Tian Liu, PhD Student]

Exploring the policy reforms that shape the current Institutional Autonomy status of Public Sector Higher Education Institutions of Canada through the lens of Institutional theory and Transformational Approach [Atiqa Marium, PhD Student]

Framing Citizenship Education and the Political from an Arendtian Perspective [Paul Tarc; collaborator Aparna Mishra Tarc]

French Immersion for New Social Realities in Contemporary, Transnational Times [Julie Byrd Clark]

Global education policy and the right to education [Prachi Srivastava]

Graduate Education Management in an Era of Internet [Jun Li]

Internationalization of Higher Education: An Analysis through Spatial, Network and Mobilities Theories [Marianne Larsen]

Internationalizing Teacher Education [Paul Tarc; collaborators James Budrow (PhD Candidate), Aaron Koh, Miri Yemini, Karen Pashby]

Mapping the influence of national and international actors in Canadian higher education governance [Melody Viczko (PI); L. Shultz (Co-investigator)]

Mapping the network of actors in Canada’s skills agenda [Melody Viczko]

Portraits of IB Teachers in State Schools: Journeys toward International Mindedness [Polin Sankar Persad, PhD Candidate]

Privatisation of and in education in developing countries (general interest in South Asia) and equity implications [Prachi Srivastava]

Private schooling, in particular, 'low-fee private' schooling in developing countries (focus on India) [Prachi Srivastava]

Regarding Transformative Learning from International Experience [Haoming Tang, PhD Student]

Revisiting the ‘Enduring Tensions’ of IB in the unfolding of the 21 st century [Paul Tarc]

The Evaluation System and Development Strategy of Constructing World-Class Universities and World-Class Disciplines [Jun Li]

The ways in which higher education faculty are compelled to engage in transnational academic mobility (e.g. teaching abroad, international research partnerships) as a part of their professional work [Marianne Larsen]

Untangling leadership education for women in higher education [Melody Viczko]