Program Planning

Program Planning

Program Planning is the process whereby new incoming students select their courses and milestones.

Program Planning for the 2020-2021 academic year will take place in June 2020.

Please Note: If you are entering a program that requires Program Planning in Fall 2020 or later, you will be self-enrolling in your specified classes.


Students in the following programs must complete Program Planning

Curriculum Studies and Studies in Applied Linguistics

  • MA Applied Linguistics
  • MA Curriculum Studies
  • PhD Applied Linguistics
  • PhD Curriculum Studies

Critical Policy, Equity, and Leadership Studies

  • MA Critical Policy, Equity, and Leadership
  • PhD Critical Policy, Equity, and Leadership

Degree Requirements

Degree requirements are listed on each program page. A list of all programs is located on the Programs page.

Timetables & Course Descriptions

For Timetables and Course Descriptions, please see the  Timetables & Timelines webpage.

Program Planning Form & Course Enrollment 

Course and milestone selections are done through a Program Planning Form. To access the form, please see our Forms and Guidelines webpage.  

Information on how to self-enroll in your indicated courses will be emailed to your Western University email account by your Graduate Affairs Assistant towards the beginning of each term.

Changing Course Selection

You can update your course preferences at a later date by resubmitting your Program Planning form to your Graduate Affairs Assistant (please see our Contact Us webpage) and add/drop/swap the class(es) in your Student Center account. 

Add/Drop Deadlines

See  Important Dates for specific add/drop dates for each term.

Course and program policy information can also be found on the  Program Policies page of our web site, and on the  School of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies' web site.

Please note: if the course you are trying to enroll in is full, please check regularly to see if space becomes available for you to enroll. Waitlists are currently not available.

Submission of your course selection through the Program Planning Form is not a guarantee that you will be
enrolled in the courses you have selected. It is the student's responsibility to ensure they enroll in the courses
indicated above and to discuss any changes with their Supervisor(s) and resubmit this form to The Graduate
Programs Office. We will contact you approximately one month before each term to let you know when you
can begin your online course enrollment through your Student Center account.

Professional Programs

If you are a professional programs student (EdD and MPEd), you do not need to access the program planning application, as you will be pre-registered in your required core course each semester. If you would like to enroll in an additional course, contact the Graduate Programs Office.

Please note: the MPEd, TESOL program will be self-enrolling for students starting Fall 2020.