Lead TA

Lead TA

Allison Segeren

2014-2015 Lead TA for English: Allison Segeren
Email: asegeren@uwo.ca
Office Hours: By appointment

What is the LGTA program?

The Lead Graduate Teaching Assistant (LGTA) program was launched last year as a collaborative venture between the GTA Union, the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, and the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL). This year, there are 10 Lead GTAs across the university’s faculties.

Legacy Project 2014

According to the CTL, the program goals include:

  • Identifying TA training needs
  • Facilitating workshops
  • Developing discipline-specific teaching resources, and
  • Offering peer feedback through tutorial observations.

What does the LGTA do in the Faculty of Education

Throughout the year I will be facilitating workshops on discipline-specific skills we use in our roles as TAs in the faculty. Both beginning and experienced TAs are encouraged to participate in the workshops in order to share experiences and successful strategies, brainstorm solutions to challenges, and generate new ideas. The workshops are participatory and will also include, on occasion, panels of fellow graduate students and faculty members.

I understand that many of you are off-site and not frequently at the Faculty of Education, for this reason, I’ve created a resource page on OWL.  Here, you can access resources and workshop schedules. I am always available to meet one-on-one if you have any questions or concerns about your role as a TA.

For more information on the program, please visit the CTL’s LGTA page here.