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All teacher candidates are enrolled in EDUC 5008Q Transition to Professional Practice (T2P), a two-year professional learning series exploring important topics in education.

Through T2P you will complete essential, industry regulated training that will prepare you to uphold the teaching profession’s standards of practice. Supplementary events will allow you to pursue your individual learning goals and expand your professional toolkit.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, T2P events will be scheduled in virtual formats. You will be able to select from a variety of synchronous, asynchronous and blended events that complement your schedule. Events will be scheduled on an ongoing basis throughout the year to ensure the programming is responsive to timely topics in the profession.

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Customize your Learning

Events will be added to the schedule throughout the year, allowing you to build a personalized T2P schedule that is responsive to your learning needs.

Connect with your Community

Each time you participate in a T2P event, you will be networking with educators and professionals committed to supporting youth. You’ll hear from local, provincial, national and international organizations on their pedagogies and resources.

Prepare for your Future Classroom

Your future students will come to you for a wide array of support, both educational and personal. Through required T2P events you’ll learn about your rights and responsibilities directly from the industry’s regulatory bodies, and supplementary T2P events will connect you with community resources that will ensure you're prepared for any scenario.

Build your Professional Practice Record

Adding your T2P events to your Professional Practice Record (PPR) will demonstrate the breadth of your professional knowledge and help you stand out during interviews. *

*Completion of T2P events can also be documented on your Co-Curricular Record

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Have an idea for a T2P event? Send it to Katie Mentone, BEd Program Coordinator, at