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From research to politics

November 21, 2022
Retired education professor, Marianne Larsen, has been elected as a Thames Valley District School Board trustee.


Declining physical activity

November 18, 2022
Study finds fall in implementation of Ontario physical activity policy.

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Important lesson

November 07, 2022
Tara Hofbauer’s grandmother has been awarded the Order of Canada, which is inspiring Hofbauer to create a welcoming school environment.

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Global leader in education

November 04, 2022
Two organizations have recognized Western Education as one of the top faculties of education in the world.

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Future leader in brain research

October 28, 2022
A $100,000 grant will support professor Emma Duerden’s research on fetal and infant brain health.

Research Announcements

Clinic receives Bell grant

October 24, 2022
$20,000 grant will help children with anxiety get increased support from the Mary J. Wright Child and Youth Development Clinic.

People Announcements

Celebrating Fall 2022 graduates

October 20, 2022
Congratulations to the Faculty of Education graduates who have successfully completed their program.

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Art exhibit challenges perceptions

October 18, 2022
Students, faculty, and staff were treated to an art exhibition at the Faculty of Education that challenges perceptions about the world.


ECE bursary

October 17, 2022
Students needing financial assistance to advance their ECE careers could get up to $1,500 from the Faculty of Education.


Fourth place in Canada

October 14, 2022
The Maclean's University Rankings have rated Western Education as the fourth-best education faculty in Canada.


COVID impacting counselling services

September 07, 2022
A new study will discover how much the COVID pandemic affected low-income Canadians’ access to counselling services.


2022-28 Strategic Plan

August 18, 2022
The Faculty of Education has unveiled its strategic plan for the next six years, which focuses on people and maintaining academic excellence.

Events Community

STEAM Ed makers

August 16, 2022
A week-long camp is showing students how math and computing are all around us and how they affect our daily lives including culture.


Teacher education program evolves

August 10, 2022
The Teacher Education program has gone through numerous changes and Associate Dean of Teacher Education, Kathy Hibbert, discusses how it has evolved.


New teacher candidate bursary

August 09, 2022
The Faculty of Education Students’ Council Award for Student Excellence is based on exceptional performance in course work and practica.


MPEd bursary for staff

July 20, 2022
A new bursary has been created to help employees further their education with a Master of Professional Education degree from the Faculty of Education.

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Cultural understanding

July 13, 2022
Christopher Smith published a new book that provides a framework for teachers to evaluate English language learning textbooks.

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Contributing to school psychology

July 12, 2022
Professor Colin King received the Contributions to School Psychology Award from the Canadian Psychological Association.


‘Right to Read’ report

June 24, 2022
The Faculty of Education has provided a response to the ‘Right to Read’ report from the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

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New Associate Teacher bursary

June 23, 2022
Thank you, Associate Teachers, for your dedication to teacher candidates during the pandemic.

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AFE supervisor awards

June 21, 2022
The Faculty of Education has announced the recipients of the Alternative Field Experience Supervisor’s Award for Excellence.

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Associate teacher awards

June 20, 2022
The Faculty of Education has recognized four associate teachers for their contributions to teacher education.

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National honours

June 15, 2022
Professor Candace Brunette-Debassige has won the George L. Geis Dissertation Award from the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education.

People Events

2021-22 academic awards

June 13, 2022
The Faculty of Education has announced the award recipients for the 2021-22 academic year.


Education community congratulates graduates

June 10, 2022
Education faculty, staff, alumni and donors congratulate the Class of 2022.


Summer studentships

May 12, 2022
Students have a chance to collaborate with Education faculty members on mental health projects this summer.

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Women and leadership award

May 10, 2022
Hayley Finn is capping off her graduate school career with the ‘Meet the Moment for Women and Leadership Award.'


MPEd in Global and International Education

May 09, 2022
The MPEd degree in the Field of International Education is newly revised and launched as the MPEd in the Field of Global and International Education.

Research Alumni

Prestigious international fellowship

April 25, 2022
Alumna and Adjunct Research Professor at the Faculty of Education, Jenna Lorusso, has won the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship.


Finding employment

April 13, 2022
Educator Brian Cook had one goal when he started his International Baccalaureate (IB) certificate at Western: find a job at an IB school.

Announcements Research People

National award

April 08, 2022
Mohammed Estaiteyeh has won the Thesis and Dissertation Award for Research in Teacher Education from the Canadian Association for Teacher Education.


Online teaching challenges

March 21, 2022
Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teachers struggled with implementing online education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Community Research Events

Post pandemic well-being

March 09, 2022
Professor Claire Crooks will discuss at the Let’s Talk About Education event how COVID-19 exacerbated the mental health challenges for children.

Events Research

Research Week

March 07, 2022
Helping graduate students with more professional development opportunities, which benefit their research and career prospects.

Announcements Research

University rankings

February 28, 2022
Western Education has maintained its overall ranking from last year and has significantly improved from the 2020 rankings.

Research Events

2022 Robert Macmillan symposium

February 18, 2022
The next generation of scholars are getting ready to tackle education in a post-pandemic world.

Research People

Inactive adolescents

February 03, 2022
Adolescents are among the most sedentary groups in society. Classrooms offer a promising space to increase physical activity participation.

Community Research

Conversations on Inclusive Education

January 26, 2022
The ‘Let’s chat about inclusive education’ videos highlight how inclusive education works and how it should be applied to education.

Research Alumni People

Emphasizing students’ work skills

January 24, 2022
Post-secondary students have sought employability skills necessary to successfully transition to the workforce after graduation.

Community People

Artist shares ‘local love’

January 11, 2022
Mike Cywink is a storyteller who is using his artwork to share the United Way’s ‘local love’ for the community.

Community People Alumni

CYDC donation

January 06, 2022
Marilyn Elford recently donated to the Mary J. Wright Child and Youth Development Clinic.

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