Visiting Speaker Presentation – Dr. Eric Hartman

October 23, 2023

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Both In-Person (FEB 1139) and Via Zoom.

Video Here

A Civics of Interdependence: Colonial and Liberatory Conflict and Collaboration from Pennsylvania to Ontario

Embracing the truth of interdependence calls us toward new kinds of civic, ecological, and global understanding. This understanding begins from the foundational reality of interdependence and hybridity as our human-ecological condition. It asks how we operate ethically within the communities and systems of which we are part and which support us, concretizing the global through the specificity of the local. YET - many of us are rather unfamiliar with "the local," and particularly its relationship with (historically formed) transnational processes. Our school curricula often draw our attention toward national and culturally-essentialist narratives; centuries of white supremacist institutional and curricular imaginations continue to influence normative narratives; and our extraordinary access to both global and social media platforms provide us opportunities to learn and engage deeply, though without any necessary connection with place. Dr. Hartman will draw on specific examples that bind the regions around London and Philadelphia to illuminate the concept of a civics of interdependence, before offering examples of how educators can access related flipped-classroom tools

Presented by Dr. Eric Hartman, Executive Director, Center for Peace and Global Citizenship

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